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organic compound in which halogen atoms have been substituted for hydrogen atoms in an alkane

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Additionally, the method herein employed does not require direct handling of an alkyl halide or dimethyl sulfate, therefore eliminating the respective health risks.
Next, partial quaternization of the tertiaryamino-functional POSS was achieved using an alkyl halide to produce the Q-POSS.
(1999a), corrected for a printing error reported in Table 4.5 of this source for the class of alkyl halides, mercaptans, sulphides and disulphides.
Chapters cover acids and bases; organic molecules and reactions of alkenes and alkynes; aromatic compounds; stereochemistry; alkyl halides; alcohols, phenols, and ethers; aldehydes and ketones; carboxylic acids and derivatives; carbonyl alpha-substitution reactions; amines; structure determination; biomolecules; and metabolic pathways.
ATRP is initiated by alkyl halides; therefore, any polymer that has a sufficiently active alkyl halide end-group could initiate ATRP to afford block copolymers.
Currently, most of the metal-mediated reactions involve allylation or propargylation, and more recently, secondary alkyl halides. However, the reactions did not work well with primary alkyl or aryl halides.
Ferrocene is known to readily form charge transfer complexes (CTCs) with alkyl halides, as evidenced by the appearance of a feature indicative of a charge transfer complex at ~310 nm; subsequently, upon irradiation, the complex dissociates into the ferrocenium ion, chloride ion, and alkyl radical (Fig.