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any unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon

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Ether PL are characterized either by an alkenyl or alkyl linkage in sn-1 position at the glycerol backbone.
The Z configuration of the synthesized compounds was established on the basis of chemical shift values of the alkenyl and the NH protons.
The mild conditions required for hydrolysis and condensation of alkoxysilanes allow an enormous number of substituents (alkyl, aryl, alkenyl, etc.) to be introduced into siloxane network polymers (1-10).
Internal sizing is usually done by wet-end fiber modifications, using either nonreactive agents (e.g., rosin) or synthetic agents that chemically react with the cellulose hydroxyl groups to form stable ester linkages (e.g., alkene ketene dimers, alkenyl succinic anhydride).
[sup.1]H-NMR ([CD.sub.3]OD) [delta] ppm: 7.9 (d, 4H, H-2", H-6", H-2'" & H-6'"), 7.8 (d, 2H, H-2' & H-6'), 7.6-7.2 (m, 10H, aromatic protons & alkenyl proton), 7.1 (d, 1H, =CH)
R2 is H or an alkyl, alkenyl, cycloalkyl, or aryl group, optionally having 1-3 substituents independently selected from the group consisting of C1-C6alkyl, OH, O--C1-C6alkyl, halogen and CF3.
To our knowledge there is no information about the alkenyl chain composition in marine gastropods although in two freshwater prosobranchs, Misra et al.
In Part I of this book, Levashova (Sterlitamak State Pedagogical Institute, Russia) and Zaikov (biochemical physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia) detail the synthesis and properties of alkenyl aryl esters and N-alkenyl-substituted amines, and in Part II, they describe a process for utilization of methallyl chloride production wastes and synthesis of small-tonnage chemical products from them.
The characteristic difference between AOSA and ASA is that for AOSA compounds the succinic anhydride groups are always linked to the center of the alkenyl chains.
It is possible that the response deeper in the bilayer, in the actual region of alkenyl chain unsaturation, would have been greater (16).
Blends with fuel oil and alkyl, alkenyl, or phenyl ester of fatty acids have been patented as DF [206].
Each diastereomer was independently reacted with a second alkenyl anion which lead to the isolation of the same polycyclic compound after the cascade reaction took place.
Guy Bernard, MCIC, of Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled 'A Theoretical and Solid-State MNR Investigation of the Alkenyl and Alkynyl Carbon Chemical Shift tensors for Some [n.sup.2]-Unsaturated Carbon Ligands in Metal Complexes'.
Light dependent volume changes and reactions in chloroplasts: Action of alkenyl succinic acid and phenyl mercuric acetate and possible relation to mechanisms of stomatal control.