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any unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon

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The characteristic difference between AOSA and ASA is that for AOSA compounds the succinic anhydride groups are always linked to the center of the alkenyl chains.
Blends with fuel oil and alkyl, alkenyl, or phenyl ester of fatty acids have been patented as DF [206].
Each diastereomer was independently reacted with a second alkenyl anion which lead to the isolation of the same polycyclic compound after the cascade reaction took place.
Guy Bernard, MCIC, of Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled 'A Theoretical and Solid-State MNR Investigation of the Alkenyl and Alkynyl Carbon Chemical Shift tensors for Some [n.
Light dependent volume changes and reactions in chloroplasts: Action of alkenyl succinic acid and phenyl mercuric acetate and possible relation to mechanisms of stomatal control.
The Reactions of Alkl, Alkenyl and Aryl Halides: Oxidation Reduction, Substitution, Addition Elimination, and Rearrangement.
made oil-resistant blends by melt-kneading 10 to 35 wt% poly(arylene ether), 15 to 40 wt% polyolefin, 10 to 35 wt% acid-functionalized hydrogenated block copolymer of an alkenyl aromatic compound, and a conjugated diene.
The structure of plicatin B, a substituted cinnamyl ester, is characterized by 1-[alpha], [beta]-unsaturated carbonyl moiety with an aromatic hydroxyl group in para position and an alkenyl or prenyl substituent at C-3, in ortho position with respect to the hydroxyl group (Fig.
The polymer was heated to 175[degrees]C and the alkenyl oxazoline (195 g) was added from the addition funnel over a period of 1 h.
Key statement: A rubber composition comprising (A) an organopolysiloxane end-capped with alkenyldialkylsiloxy, radicals and free of aliphatic unsaturation, (B) an organipolysiloxane containing three alkenyl radicals on molecular side chains, (C) an organohydrogenpolysiloxane, (D) fumed silica and (E) an addition reaction catalyst forms a seal member having improved strength and reduced compression set and useful for sealing a polymer electrolyte fuel-cell separator.
Esters of hydroxycarboxylic acids and alkyl and alkenyl oligoglycosides--such as Cognis' sodium laurylglucoside citrate, sodium laurylglucoside malate, or sodium cocoylglucoside tartrate--are said to permanently re-emulsify silicones, making them easy to remove after each use and preventing buildup.
1995) and later works reporting higher levels of DMA may be attributed to incomplete derivation of alkenyl chains into DMA or differences between the populations.