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a commercial antacid that contains aspirin

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Appendix 1: Physical and Chemical Changes Name:-- Materials: Aluminum foil square (8cm x 8cm); Candle; Small quantity of clay; Matches; Alkaseltzer tablet; Metal Spoon; Small square of wax paper (8cm x 8cm); Water; 2 Cups or beakers; Rubber band; Vinegar; Baking Soda; Dropper Procedure: 1.
'The implant is smaller than an Alkaseltzer and it is used in conjunction with a drug called lomustine, which has been used to treat patients for many years in tablets or injections.
Check out the pharmacy for some AlkaSeltzer (pounds 2.58) to compensate for all that overeating.
The FDA urged Americans to immediately stop taking products containing PPA, which has been used in such well-known products as Acutrim, AlkaSeltzer Plus, Comtrex Flu Therapy and Fever Relief, Contac, Dexatrim, Dimetapp Robitussin-CF, Tavist-D and Triaminic.