carboxylic acid

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Keywords: Trichodesma amplexicaule; Anti-inflammatory; Triterpene; Alkane; Alkanol; Alkanoic acid
Alkanoic acid (V): A portion of fractions J-L, pooled (16.
Of the inland vessels, 40 per cent (n = 29; Table 1) are characterised by the presence of at least one of three isoprenoid alkanoic acids (phytanic, pristanic or 4,8,12-TMTD), which are at high concentration in freshwater and marine organisms, and by a range of positional isomers of [omega]-(o-alkylphenyl)alkanoic acids containing a minimum of 20 carbon atoms, with trace amount of the [C.
A, Gawalt, ES, "Self-assembled Monolayers of Alkanoic Acids on the Native Oxide Surface of SS316L by Solution Deposition.
14 Issue 1), the Company describes its recent progress in the development of HDAC inhibitors for oncology, which includes hydroxamic acids, anilides, TSA-like straight chain derivatives, and 2-aminophenylamides of omega-substituted alkanoic acids.