mineral water

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water naturally or artificially impregnated with mineral salts or gasses

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Hydroxide ions are powerful acid hunters and give the body the means by which to eliminate excess acids in the body instead of just neutralize them as other alkaline waters do.
This result indicates that a higher dietary protein level could be tested to improve survival and/or growth of this species at less acidic or alkaline waters.
To our knowledge, there are no studies regarding the effects of dietary salt in fish exposed to alkaline waters.
Finding carbonates indicates that Mars had neutral to alkaline waters when the minerals formed in the mid-latitude region more than 3.
Water get much of its taste from its pH balance: acidic waters have a sour note, while alkaline waters are slightly bitter and low alkaline waters seem slightly sweet.
Still puzzling to Thompson, however, is why the extremozyme survives alkaline waters better than its mammalian counterparts do.