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a chemical reaction in which water reacts with a compound to produce other compounds

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To the best of our knowledge, based on a precise survey of the Chemical Abstracts, there is no published report on the synthesis of a superabsorbing hydrogel via alkaline hydrolysis of sucrose polyacrylonitrile physical mixture.
So far, alkaline hydrolysis has been approved for commercial use in Florida, Minnesota, Maryland, Oregon, Kansas, Colorado and Maine.
the Pittsburgh-based casket company that launched the first commercial alkaline hydrolysis facility in St.
The alkaline hydrolysis of polymers is a subject of both practical and theoretical interest for cases where masonry coatings are to be applied to alkaline substrates and adequate resistance to hydrolysis is essential for satisfactory performance and durability.
In addition, we attempted to hydrolyze plasma with our published tandem enzymatic and alkaline hydrolysis procedure for freeing urine cannabinoid conjugates (19), but the chromatography was too poor to accurately quantify analytes of interest.
Flavonoid (III) was identified as apigenin 7-O-(sulphatoglucoside) by UV spectral analysis with the customary shift reagents, total acid hydrolysis (which gave apigenin, D-glucose and sulphate), alkaline hydrolysis which gave apigenin 7-O-glucoside and sulphate) and electrospray mass spectrum (negative mode) which showed a quasimolecular ion [[M-H].
So far it has been the general opinion that suitable conditions for alkaline hydrolysis vary in a wide range.
Alkaline hydrolysis (PETH) was performed in 1,5 mol/l NaOH with 2 g/l cationic surfactant Lyogen BPN (Sandoz) as an accelerator by batch wise method for 10 min at 100[degrees]C, in stainless-steel bowls (Linitest, Original-Hanau), than rinsed and neutralized.
This is generally accomplished by acidic hydrolysis for most foods, alkaline hydrolysis for dairy products and a combination of both for cheeses.
Airflex 728 emulsion is a vinyl chloride containing VAE emulsion, demonstrating outstanding efflorescence and alkaline hydrolysis resistance in exterior coatings on masonry substrates.
In peroxide bleaching, the dissolution of pulp components occurs through oxidation, alkaline solubilization, and alkaline hydrolysis.
It has been reported that organophosphorus pesticides such as chlorpyrifos are much less hydrolytically stable at higher pH, and the rates of alkaline hydrolysis are often greatly accelerated in soils with pH above 7.
The Para-Ag's relatively low-speed delivery and use of crop oil reduces alkaline hydrolysis, evaporation and drift by controlling droplet size and reducing liquid volume required per acre.
The PET monomers can be obtained by acidic, neutral, and alkaline hydrolysis or glycolysis.