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any of the bivalent metals of group II of the periodic table (calcium or strontium or barium or magnesium or beryllium)

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It indicates that pyrolysis reactions were catalyzed by alkaline earth metal cations in carbonates and inhibited by silicates, and the inhibition effect of silicates seems to be greater than the catalytic effect of carbonates in the pyrolysis reactions [14].
Which alkaline earth metal has the chemical symbol Sr?
Which highly reactive alkaline earth metal has the chemical symbol Sr?
They also address dynamical heterogeneities in simulated liquid germanium oxide, microwave-assisted synthesis of layered double hydroxides, and nanotechnology applications of alkaline earth metal phosphonates.
A process for the production of an alloy of cross-linked or partially cross-linked rubbers and aromatic polyesters, wherein a mixture of a rubber latex and an aqueous solution of an alkali metal diphenolate or an alkaline earth metal diphenolate is reacted with a solution of a dicarboxylic acid halide and/or a carbonyl halide in a water-immiscible solvent, an aromatic polyester forming at the phase boundary of water/organic solvent, which polyester goes over into the organic phase, and the rubber at the same time going from the aqueous phase into the organic phase, and the organic phase is then separated and the organic solvent is removed.
0% by weight of a compound of the formula R1 (Mn04)n, or mixtures thereof, wherein R1 is H, an alkali-metal, or an alkaline earth metal, and n is 1 when R1 is H or an alkali-metal and 2 when R1 is an alkaline earth metal; and a reducing agent comprising between about 1-3% by weight of a peroxygen compound, or mixtures thereof, wherein the peroxygen compound is hydrogen peroxide, urea peroxide, an alkali-metal peroxide or an alkaline earth metal peroxide.
This alkaline earth metal has eight more protons than magnesium.
Strontium 90, an isotope of strontium and an abundant alkaline earth metal, is produced in nuclear reactions.
Other topics include wrought magnesium research for automotive applications, the mechanical properties of superlight Mg- Li-Zn alloys, the dissolution and recovery of manganese additions into liquid magnesium, and the effect of alkaline earth metal oxides on magnesium alloys.