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relating to or containing an alkali

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Along with improving his health and well being, Chef Sal began to encounter people who would spark his interest in raw cuisine and the alkaline diet.
Even though research is limited when it comes to the alkaline diet, there are tangential benefits that may be the upside to going through with it.
According to Dr Thakur, medicine doesn't recognise acidic or alkaline diet or the argument that pH levels in the body get disturbed by certain kinds of acidic food.
Apparently, it is better to eat a more alkaline diet because high levels of acid can upset the healthy functioning of the body.
The market for alkaline diet supplements is growing by the day as healthcare costs rise and consumers seek out new and pure ways to maintain their health.
Diet: alkaline diet for both male and female partner, avoiding gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine.
She's on the alkaline diet - a low-acidity vegetarian eating fad.
Corrett - an advocate of the alkaline diet, which involves eating mainly alkaline foods for the optimum pH balance - has teamed up with Currys PC World to create new recipes based on some of the most popular foods and kitchen appliances on social media (with papaya, roasted aubergine and pomegranates getting people talking and sharing snaps).
SIZE four Victoria Beckham has revealed the secret behind her uber-svelte frame - the Alkaline diet.
In practice, an alkaline diet includes more alkaline foods and accompanies healthful acidifying foods with alkalinizing ones.
The company was started four years ago when Founder Catharine Arnston learned her younger sister in Canada had breast cancer and was told by her oncologist to eat an alkaline diet to help her heal.