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a commercial antacid that contains aspirin

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They rely on the convenience of well-stocked local grocers to come to their rescue especially when Christmas demand for Alka-Seltzer triples (4).
Allen Burch, product manager for the Alka-Seltzer Plus line, says the cold season follows a bell-shaped curve, usually starting about the first of October.
Whether these have any greater effect than good old Alka-Seltzer is debatable, but if you're feeling particularly rough today, you might be pleased to give anything a try.
But I had to swallow my fears, along with the Alka-Seltzer, when my family demanded we all pay a visit to Flamingo Land, in Yorkshire.
If you can remember the Great Depression of the 1930s, you probably remember an announcer selling Alka-Seltzer by telling you over the radio--to "Listen to it fizz.
The company's previously announced product donations, which are distributed and dispensed through the American Red Cross, include Ascensia(R) blood glucose testing equipment, OTC products, including Bayer(R) Aspirin, Aleve(R) and Alka-Seltzer Plus(R), and other necessary supplies.
Also promised is an 'amazing' experiment with a magnet to prove breakfast cereals do contain iron and mini rockets powered by alka-seltzer and vinegar.
Bumble & bumble do the original Surf Spray, pounds 12, but if youOre skint, just plop two Alka-Seltzer in some water and use that instead.
They also included Alka-Seltzer for the morning-after hangover.
WHO needs Alka-Seltzer when you can clear your hangover with a stroll on a beautiful Scottish beach?
Creator of Iconic Alka-Seltzer Commercial Re-Imagines Creative for the Digital Age
The organisation arranges events and produces TV shows of competitive eating, such as a three hour elimination tournament called The Alka-Seltzer US Open.
Over-indulgence remedy Alka-Seltzer is to get its own pick-me-up with a 1.
So if you've over-indulged make sure you've got Alka-Seltzer close to hand.