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a commercial antacid that contains aspirin

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This madly grinning kid with a blazing red cowlick dangling across his vinyl forehead, clutching a white Alka Seltzer tablet, became an obsession.
He made the ball fizz from the pitch like an Alka Seltzer to give Nasser Hussain's men another batting bellyache.
Kozmo has everything the convenience store has - from A to Z: Alka Seltzer - Bausch & Lomb - Coppertone - Duracell - E.
ALKA Seltzer isn't just great for settling your stomach after a hard night of partying.
I recall one occasion when some idiot put an Alka Seltzer in somebody's pint.
Letterman is best served - there's a montage of some of his most memorable stunts (the Velcro suit, the Alka Seltzer suit, his testy encounter with General Electric security thugs, stupid pet tricks, etc.
He said even if someone ran out of Alka Seltzer on New Year's Day, there should be about three chemists able to help - but it might mean a headache- clearing walk.
James Carville and Mary Matalin finally agree on something - Alka Seltzer.
Jennifer Haynes, Swindon TO clean stubborn stains from the bottom of vases or decanters, fill with water and add two Alka Seltzer tablets or one denture-cleaning tablet and leave overnight.
Pull out the Mylanta for that nauseous stomach, but stay away from the Alka Seltzer if you already downed a painkiller - the antacid also contains aspirin, Tilton said.
IF you've got a blocked sink try crumbling three Alka Seltzer indigestion tablets into the plughole and pouring down a cup of white vinegar.
But many turned straight to the Alka Seltzer yesterday - spending pounds 1million on hangover cures.