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a commercial antacid that contains aspirin

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Break an Alka Seltzer tablet in a few chunks, and drop in one chunk.
Alka Seltzer brand manager Jennifer Walsh said: "For many adults the downturn has already caused immense worry and Wh concern.
The cost was worked out by combining the city-centre prices for: haircut at Toni & Guy, two-course Italian meal, four glasses of wine, four cocktails, club admission, cab fares, lipstick, camera, bacon sandwich, paracetemol and Alka Seltzer.
Lying on couch in teddy bear pyjamas (present from sister), having just had well balanced breakfast - a glass of Alka Seltzer in one hand and Solpadeine in the other.
Memory of a barn dance: Most definitely having to clear up after Llys y Frans Tregendeg Barn Dance the morning after everyone is on the Alka Seltzer.
Letterman's on-air pranks have included spray-painting the ankles of Bryant Gumbel, the host of the "Today' show; crushing a franks 'n beans dinner under a hydraulic press; covering himself with Alka Seltzer and being lowered into a tank of water; and, most famously, inviting viewers to demonstrate "stupid pet tricks.' Such put-ons have won Letterman a wide following (ad sales for "Late Night' are outpacing those of "The Tonight Show') and even a recent Newsweek cover story.
DESPITE what the Cardiff City and Liverpool camps say, the Carling Cup hangover can't be cured with a glass of Alka Seltzer.
- Angus Baxter, Belfast TO freshen up a thermos flask, fill the flask with water, drop in four Alka Seltzer tablets and leave to soak for an hour, or longer if necessary.
Mailsport and Alka Seltzer XS will kit out one lucky amateur team with a full set of top quality shirts, shorts and socks.
With its clink clink fizz and head of foam I thought I'd popped an alka seltzer by mistake.
Strong sellers included Bayer's third-place Alka Seltzer Plus (up 14.3%).
TO clean stuck-on residue from the bottom of a narrow-necked vase, fill the vase halfway full of water and drop in two Alka Seltzer. Wait until the fizzing stops, then rinse the vase clean.
TO get your loo sparkling, drop in two Alka Seltzer tablets, wait 20 mins, brush, and flush.