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(Judaism) the honor of being called up to the reading desk in the synagogue to read from the Torah

(Judaism) immigration of Jews to Israel

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They said Ms Aliya had left residence of her parents with her free will and she and Kifayat had entered into wedlock through court marriage on Sept 28, 2016.
Aliya will be hoping to follow in the footsteps of some of Britain's biggest sporting stars who have competed at the School Games before, going on to senior international success.
As a relatively young author, Aliya said she likes to write and draw about things she loves.
In a throwback to the family retainer son's fatal road accident, which was caused by an American behind the wheel, Aliya wonders whether the Americans interfered in other people's lives just the way their country meddled with the political affairs of other countries across the world.
Luis focuses on building individual rapport, whereas Aliya likely focuses less on the personal aspect of relationships and more on finding ways to team up with those around her.
The book was released on the sidelines of the Zhandanu environmental campaign of Aliya Nazarbayeva.
It was a double success for Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalid al-Thani as his other horse Barraq El Aliya was adjudged the Gold Champion in the Senior Championships Stallions.
Aliya Howard was just six years old when she was first mesmerized by speed skating while watching the 2006 Winter Olympics on television.
Three of her novels, that is, Salt and Saffron, Kartography and Broken Verses revolve around the tribulations, desires and quests of Raheen, Aliya and Aasmani Inqalab respectively.
During the event a Chef from Aliya Restaurant demonstrated hopper making and Ceygold Pvt.
Summary: Eight-year old Aliya Al Muheiri wasn't daunted while enacting a keyhole surgery on a dummy in the operation theatre removing a gall bladder stone and a cyst at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival, which opened across the emirate on October 10.
However, 13-8 favourite Beth Tweddle could only manage bronze in the women's uneven bars, as 6-1 shot Aliya Mustafina took gold for Russia.
Russia's Aliya Mustafina claimed gold with a score of 16.
Majlis Deputy Fatemeh Aliya has complained that no women have been appointed among the 29 members of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee.