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large genus of perennial and biennial pungent bulbous plants: garlic

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We acquired leading Russian pharmaceutical company OBL Pharm as part of a consortium of investors, and are currently working to merge it with our existing asset, Binnopharm, under the brand name Alium. In April, the RDIF, RCIF and major Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds signed on as co-investors, confirming the strong investment case for this project.
Of these, the tubular Alium schoenoprasum is in most demand from a culinary standpoint, however both types adorn the herb patch with grace, growing to a height of a foot or so.
(64.) BF 3:63-64: "Et ne sine Pastoris cura remaneant, opportebit, quod vel Diocesanis Episcopis, vel aliis regimen committatur ipsarum, qui curam gerentes earum per alium modum, quam per illum, quem hactenus habuerunt, et per alias personas earum procurent commoda et salutem: sicque Ordinae ipsarum, quae dictam regulam non tenebunt, ab eodem Ordine S.
As a bonus, the scene was set with the OOTS Chamber Choir (not so chamber, after all, as there had to be 40 of them) grouped in a horseshoe at the west end of the nave singing Thomas Tallis' spectacular Spem in Alium. Suzzie Vango directed these eight groups of five singers in a pulsating to-ing and fro-ing of sound.
Among them garlic (Alium sativum L) bulb and Allamanda (Allamanda catherica L.) leaf extract were found promising in arresting mycelial growth and inhibiting spore germination of Phomopsis vexans, in vitro and also controlled Phomopsis blight and fruit rot of egg plant in the field significantly.
| ALSO tomorrow, house and techno fans are in for a treat with the latest instalment of Alium, at Camp and Furnace.
The Forty Part Motet is a re-working of Thomas Tallis's 16th-century composition Spem in Alium, a forty-part choral composition.
Hear it alongside Paul Mealor's Ubi Caritas, performed at the Royal Wedding two years ago, and two performances of one of the great monuments of Tudor church music - Thomas Tallis' Spem in Alium.
2 April 2013 a[euro]" Russian diversified holding company Sistema JSFC (LON:SSA) said on Tuesday pharmaceutical unit CJSC Binnopharm had combined its assets with infusion solutions and blood substitutes specialist Alium Group of Companies.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 2, 2013-Sistema's Binnopharm amalgamates with Alium Group(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Pythagoras ait alium animum fieri intrantibus templum deo-rumque simulacra ex vicino cernentibus et alicuius oraculi opperitenti-bus vocem.
De inde fecimus (II) alium cofanum aperiri, in quo erant libri diversorum voluminum, quos et alios libros in aliis coffinis infrascriptis existentibus per fratres minores nobis asistentes videri fecimus, nosque ipsos libros respeximus diligenter et ut melius potuimus eorum valorem extimari fecimus prout inferius continetur.-In dicto vero coffino erat 1.
IN HALL Two at the Sage on Saturday, from 9pm, there's a Late Mix concert by the Northern Sinfonia Chorus under Simon Halsey performing Byrd's Mass, the awe-inspiring Spem in alium and other motets by Tallis, plus the world premiere of a 40-part motet by the Sage's American composer-inresidence, David Lang.