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large genus of perennial and biennial pungent bulbous plants: garlic

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The third section took a "further look" at Luther's understanding of faith, which he considered to be itself an understanding or the source of an understanding (intellects), an alium intellectum ("other" or "different understanding"), as Pfurtner noted, as well as "the truth of the heart, that is, the right knowledge of the heart about God.
the music on the album includes The Tallis Scholars' sweeping version of Spem in Alium featured in the first novel, along with 14 other works from the books, such as the 'Flower Duet' from Lakme, Pachelbel's Canon in D, the 'aria' from Bach's Goldberg Variations and more.
pdf: "On the issue of names imposed ad placitum, see for instance: 'Et nota, sicut apud logicum discernitur, alium esse sonum non vocem, alium esse sonum vocem; aliam vocem significativam, aliam non significativam; aliam significativam naturaliter, aliam ad placitum' (Alan of Lille, Sententiae 243D; qtd.
facere arbitrio boni viri omnibus sumptibus et expensis praefatae dominae Ducissae Navillum seu canale vocatum el navilio existens et se extendens per policinum Ferrariae et omnem alium conductum necessarium pro scolando acquas ex dictis bonis Diamantinae ut sunt acquae vicinorum et omnes alias aquas propter quas dicta bona.
The following bulbs are considered moderately shade-tolerant: hyacinth, arum, ornamental onion or alium, fritillaria, erythronium, puschkinia, chinodoxa.
And yet paradoxically, as if in concert with the polyphony of Tallis' Spem in Alium, we encounter a truly God-intoxicated woman.
Perhaps most exciting, though, is the choir's spectacular performance of the forty-voice motet Spem in alium, which is an unalloyed triumph.
There's a splendid excerpt from Allegri's Miserere performed by The Choir of King's College, Cambridge (it's a pity it wasn't longer) and a wonderful moody recording of Tallis's Spem In Alium by the same choir.
Among these taxa, Alium, Ambrosia, Phaseolus and Zea represent specific crop types and thus evidence of cultivation, while Amaranthaceae/ Chenopodiaceae, Mauritia, Rumex and Schinus represent colonisation of ground which has already been disturbed.
95, while the chic Alium range at Sainsbury's has prices starting from pounds 4.
It ordinarily is implied that one's own attention and effort are involved, but the maxim qui facit per alium facit per se applies, and one may carry on a business through agents whom he supervises.
NOW is the time to plant spring-flowering bulbs - and The Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Centre have 20 spring bulb parcels worth pounds 20 each to give away, filled with Alium, Hyacinth, Crocus, Scilla, Daffodil and tulips.
The two most popular types of chives grown and in use in America today are Alium schoenoprasum (the common variety we most relate to atop a baked potato have tubular, slender, deep green leaves and a mild onion flavour), and Alium tuberosum (also known as Chinese leeks or garlic chives, with flat leaves carrying a delicate garlic flavor and most frequently Used in oriental entrees).