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European herb somewhat resembling celery widely naturalized in Britain coastal regions and often cultivated as a potherb

king of Macedon

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"I came here before Alisdair, so I think I was the inspiration for him rather than the other way around," said Katie.
Alisdair was attacked after he left the Old Toll Bar in the city's Kinning Park with two friends at midnight.
Alisdair took on running the 800-hectare tenanted hill farm after the death of his father, Willie, in 2013.
Fitness enthusiast Alisdair, who boxed for Middlesbrough club Wellington ABC in his younger days, said: "Teesside has always been - and always will be - a hotbed of sporting talent.
Alisdair said: "Fantastic has supported Town for many years.
Alisdair believes a "walking Metro map" could help raise awareness of the benefits of making an early disembarcation.
In my view, as a former criminal lawyer, the decision was flawed ALISDAIR PUTT lawyer yesterday
A month earlier, Lauren had ditched her boyfriend Alisdair, who was banned from tonight's party - but Alisdair actually went to the trouble of donning a wig, shades, false moustache and a hippie outfit to gain entry to the "big do" at around 10pm.
She gave birth to Alisdair, Florence and Nancy on July 24.
Demis Roussos in typical attire on a visit to London in 1976 <B Alisdair Macdonald
Terberg DTS's Managing Director Alisdair Couper commented: The JBT Commander Loaders are recognised to be a very highly specified product that fully satisfies the end user's stringent health and safety requirements."
Sally Sinclair, 40, was killed by "controlling" Alisdair Sinclair in a "frenzied attack" part-witnessed by children on August 16 last year.