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European herb somewhat resembling celery widely naturalized in Britain coastal regions and often cultivated as a potherb

king of Macedon

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And as she and husband Alisdair celebrated yesterday after scooping pounds 2,159,664 in Saturday's draw, she said: "It must have been my run-in with Mo.
Joint editor Alisdair Airde said: "I love this pub, and it is definitely one of my five top city pubs.
Deborah and Alisdair pride themselves on offering a relaxed atmosphere for a quiet meal, or simply a cup of coffee and a light snack.
com, or Alisdair Haythornthwaite, +44 207 743 6676, alisdair.
CHILD'S PLAY: Alisdair has a wee lie down; DEDICATION: Jack McConnell with Marion, Hazel, Iain and Alisdair
Last night, Dougal's dad Alisdair said: ``My heart goes out to Joan because she saw it all.
com +44-207-743-6673 Alisdair Haythornthwaite alisdair.
Editor Alisdair Aird said: "People no longer go to the pub to play these games.
His only son, Alisdair Strachan, 56, a solicitor based in the capital, said his father joined Coventry Police in the mid-1930s, retiring in 1964.
Professor Alisdair Gillespie, a law lecturer at the university's school of social sciences and law, will deliver a paper which focuses on how the Sexual Offences Act 2003 will safeguard children from being groomed over the internet.
At Dee Will Thompson in the Dart Eighteens,Steve Roberts in the Dart Sixteens and Alisdair Davidson in the Handicap Cats each gained two wins.
The SNP Westminster group leader, Alisdair Morgan, MP for Galloway and Upper Nithsdale, said: "By freezing fuel tax in the Finance Bill, the SNP amendment would undo the rise that followed Gordon Brown's Budget statement.
Alisdair Williamson, defending, noted that the witness had been to an "inspirational self-help" talk when she confided allegations of sex abuse to her mother.
Members of the Blyth RNLI Lifeboat Station and Ladies Guild are hosting the event, which will be officially opened by the Mayor of Blyth, Coun Alisdair Gibbs-Barton.
Club media manager Alisdair Straughan said: "We thought it was time for a fresh start.