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Synonyms for aliquot

an integer that is an exact divisor of some quantity


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signifying an exact divisor or factor of a quantity

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The mean concentration of cell-free hemoglobin in the different aliquots increased from 0.
Both aliquots were sent to a commercial veterinary clinical laboratory (Idexx Veterinary Laboratories, Inc, Elmhurst, IL, USA) for standard automated biochemical analysis.
Shearing was performed using a 3-mL syringe and a 22-gauge, 1 1/2-inch needle, and the blood aliquots (1.
The extension requires two additional steps to the traditional transformation protocol: to allow the students time to treat their DNA sample and then to have more plates available for the students to transform the appropriate number of aliquots of competent cells (usually six: no DNA negative control, positive control of plasma with no treatment, amylase, protease, DNase, and RNase treatment).
Using leuko-poor red blood cell blood collected in Adsol and containing approximately 320 ml of red blood cells and supernatant solution, the average cost of neonatal transfusion aliquots was determined using the Charter Medical syringe set and the Charter Medical eight bag aliquot/transfer system.
Homogenates were sedimented at 26,000 x g for 10 min to remove storage vesicles containing catecholamines, which interfere with TH activity, and assays were conducted with 100 [micro]L aliquots of the supernatant solution in a total volume of 550 [micro]L Each assay contained final concentrations of 910 [micro]M FeS[O.
Aliquots from dilutions of selected Aroclors in transformer oil (SRMs 3077 and 3075) with toluene were analyzed directly (no cleanup) by GC-ECD using conditions used for oil analyses [1] and a DB-5 column.
1 mL aliquots were spread onto duplicate plates of VRE (commercial denomination product, Oxoid) agar.
Aliquots were collected at different times from 0 to 96 h and titrated on the Spodoptera frugiperda cell line Sf9 to measure the inactivation kinetics.
Inhibition of drug metabolism was determined using aliquots or infusions from these products in a fluorescence-detection assay.
Two 2-mL aliquots, each containing 10 U of botulinum toxin, are injected into the internal sphincter, one on either side of the fissure and not too close to it, Dr.
The amount of paroxetine in 108 samples of breast milk from the mothers varied from 2 to 101 ng/mL and was significantly higher in later aliquots of breast milk than in early ones.
In small aliquots, grind equal parts pork and liver in the food processor as finely as possible.