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organic compound that is an alkane or alkene or alkyne or their derivative

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They consist of a fluid, thermodynamically stable dispersion of oil (in this case, aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent) and water, with domain sizes in the hundreds of angstroms range, and, as such, tend to form clear systems.
The major discovery was that preovulatory LH concentrations in urine were significantly lower in the women who had higher internal doses of aliphatic hydrocarbons.
The ratios of aliphatic hydrocarbon recovery to total hydrocarbon recovery (selectivity) were found to be 0.
Group composition of TBO (1 h, 380[degrees]C), % Compound group Symbol Solvent -- Benzene Aliphatic hydrocarbons AlHC 8.
1) attributed to aliphatic hydrocarbons is observed at 480[degrees]C (486[degrees]C for ELDH4).
In the hydrogenation of aliphatic and aromatic nitriles, aromatic hydrocarbons, aliphatic alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, dimethlyformamide and dioxane were employed as a reaction solvent.
Black powder presents in wet and dry forms and is found to contain a mixture of iron and sulfur-based substances along with iron oxides in a fluid fraction of aliphatic hydrocarbons, compressor lubrication oils, glycol and amine.
Seventeen chapters are presented in sections discussing removals of chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons and hexavalent chromium; removals of nitrate and arsenic; innovative iron-based reactive materials; and issues of configuration, construction, design methodology, and hydraulic performance of the zero-valent iron reactive barrier.
ABSTRACT Pearl oysters (Pinctada imbricata) were held in the laboratory and exposed to various levels of the heavy metals lead and zinc and the aliphatic hydrocarbons hexadecane and octacosane for 2 months.
The analysis of aliphatic hydrocarbons in sediments in surficial
degree in 1942; the subject of his dissertation being, "Reactions of Sodium Derivatives of Unsaturated Aliphatic Hydrocarbons," completed under his advisor, Albert L.
Used motor oil may contain minute quantities of gasoline, additives (detergents, dispersants, oxidation inhibitors, rust inhibitors, viscosity improvers), nitrogen and sulfur compounds, a broad range of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons with chain lengths ranging from [C.