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organic compound that is an alkane or alkene or alkyne or their derivative

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The pyrolysis products were grouped according to their chemical structure into the following classes: (i) aliphatic compounds (homologous scries of n-alkanes and n-alkenes, and branched alkencs), (ii) lignin-derived methoxyphenols, (iii) phenols, (iv) monocyclic aromatic compounds (MAHs), (v) polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), (vi) N-containing compounds, (vii) carbohydrate-derived pyrolysis products, and (viii) unidentified compounds.
Aliphatic compounds are alkane, alkene group and aromatic compounds are benzene groups.
It is generally agreed that long chain aliphatic compounds are involved in producing water repellency by soil.
Also Bromoklor bromochlorinated aliphatic compounds effective as high-halogen plasticizers.
The synthesis chapters cover many ways of making each type of molecule starting with simple aromatic and aliphatic compounds with one functional group and progressing to molecules with many functional groups.
Considering the results of fractional composition (Table 4) and SRATR FTIR spectroscopy we can conclude that HA isolated from the same soil type under grassland management contained more newly formed aliphatic compounds and less aromatic compound in their molecule.
A decrease in the share of aliphatic compounds in the hexane fraction could be explained by their volatilization from the pyrolysate.
The blackcurrant aroma isolated from berries was rich in aromatic and aliphatic compounds and oxygenated monoterpenes.
Also Bromoklor bromo-chlorinated aliphatic compounds effective as high-halogen plasticizers.
So, kerogen should include unstable formations, possible aliphatic compounds, which transform to more stable structures emitting equal quantity of water which does not depend on pyrolysis atmosphere.