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garlic mayonnaise

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The chefs prepared food around a Jet Blue theme: "Fly-Fi'' Blue Corn Toastados featured delicious barbecued Long Island duck, habanero cheddar, petite greens, Blue Agave Vinaigrette, cilantro-lime mashed sweet potatoes and sofrito oil; "True Blue'' Crab & Avocado Cocktail consisted of heirloom tomato relish, spiced plaintain chips and Creole mustard-chervil alioli; "Mint Conditioned'' Bread Pudding & "Even More'' Blue was a showy and tasty presentation with Tahitian vanilla-mint-infused blueberry bread pudding, Meyer lemon curd Anglaise, limoncello lace and white chocolate-blueberry bark.
Receiving rave reviews are the bar snacks like smoked chorizo with saffron alioli, chips cooked in pork fat, Spanish and Italian cheese and charcuterie platters.
SEA BREAM WITH CRAB, NEW POTATO, SPINACH AND ALIOLI Ingredients | Sea bream fillet per person (ask your fishmonger to fillet this if you are not confident of doing so) | 30g picked white crab meat (available from your fishmonger) | 3 new potatoes | 1 clove of garlic, thinly sliced | 1 handful of washed spinach | 1/4 tsp mild smoked paprika | Olive oil | Alioli | Salt and pepper Method Boil the new potatoes until just tender, then cool and slice into halves lengthways.
There's also alcachofa, fried artichokes with anchovy alioli, and La Vara's take on albondigas, made with lamb.
Las salsas: la mas difundida para tomarla con carne asada o a la brasa, patatas asadas o hervidas, es la salsa alioli (del catalan alli, ajo, y oli aceite).
Items include Mini-Deli Sandwiches with Alioli Sauce, Chicken Nuggets with Potato and Sweet Potato Gratin, and unique desserts such as Chocolate drink with Orange Granita.
2486993 Artichoke and jalapeno dips; Moorish bean dips; chilli and coriander hot dips; grilled courgette, butterbean and rosemary dips; roasted almond alioli; spicy peanut dips; all being organic; all included in Class 29.
While the prepared foods counter started off offering traditional Southern fare, the menu has been expanded to some 20 daily gourmet offerings like tequila & lime salmon, ravioli & spinach alioli, beef Wellington, and strawberry and walnut chicken salad.
Though small in quantity compared to the oceans of olive oil produced in Spain, many of the great single-estate varietal olive oils come from here, and are used effectively on dishes such as their much-loved pa amb tomaquet, or grilled bread rubbed with fresh tomato and drizzled with olive oil (three ingredients and it's one of the most delicious things you'll ever taste); alioli, or garlic mayonnaise which they claim to have invented; and further down the coast in Tarragona, the fabulous romesco sauce, a blend of tomatoes, peppers, almonds, garlic, and olive oil that is shown at its best in the spring to accompany the sensuous grilled spring onions, or calcots.
A garlicky mayonnaise called alioli is a suitable dipping sauce for both the fish and potatoes.
(See picture.) In both cases, it is essential to accompany the snails with an aioli or alioli (garlic mayonnaise), and abundant wine.