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United States writer who has written extensively on American culture (born in 1931)

United States writer best known for his autobiographical novels (1900-1938)

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Wolfe remained in Europe after Aline Bernstein returned to America in spring 1926, first to finish the "Outline" and then to begin work on the novel itself.
Both Aline Bernstein and Scribner editor <IR> MAXWELL PERKINS </IR> were instrumental in disciplining Wolfe's prodigious narrative flow and getting his first novel, <IR> LOOK HOMEWARD </IR> , <IR> ANGEL </IR> , published in 1929.
(2) The Marguery offered an even more glittering segment of American society when Aline Bernstein held her party on the evening of 3 January 1930.
Partially as the result of his intimate relationship with Aline Bernstein, Wolfe began to explore his own life as the inspiration for prose narrative; whether in the beginning he intended memoir or fiction is uncertain.
It stars such acting notables as Colin Firth in the role of Perkins, Jude Law as Thomas Wolfe, and Nicole Kidman as Aline Bernstein.
During this period of Wolfe's creative transition, which also included a romantic relationship with Aline Bernstein, he sometimes referred to himself as mad, crazy, and insane (Snyder 19697).
Aline Bernstein, a woman whose life had been shaped by theater in New York.
The remarkable cast currently includes Colin Firth as Maxwell Perkins, Jude Law as Thomas Wolfe, and Nicole Kidman as Aline Bernstein. The focus of the film is said to be the Perkins-Wolfe relationship.
Alexander described her as Wolfe's "girlfriend." He took a couple of stabs at recalling her name and came up with "Feldman or Friedman." Shown a photograph of Aline Bernstein, Alexander said, "No, it wasn't her." I asked Kennedy about this recollection, and he wrote:
"This Day in 'Lettres': 4 October (1928): Thomas Wolfe to Aline Bernstein." The American Reader.
Aline Bernstein and Thomas Wolfe play major roles in John P.
This reviewer can suggest only three changes she would have liked to see: using the complete names of Wolfe and Raynolds in the title; a personal preference that Aline Bernstein not be referred to as Wolfe's "mistress"; and, as already mentioned, including Raynolds's review of Look Homeward, Angel in an appendix.
But even in his long and passionate association with Aline Bernstein there was certain denial of it--and yet there must have been a consciousness of her influence through the very power of her love.
The ledgers Aline Bernstein purchased for Wolfe in the Lake District in 1926 make a fleeting appearance, when the Coulsons' daughter one day asks Eugene if he isn't tired of writing in them (646-47).
Wolfe was twenty-five when he met his older woman, Aline Bernstein, who had a daughter and a son.