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English ballet dancer (born in 1910)

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Dame Alicia Markova, and, right, her famous tutu, which has been sold for PS2,600
The earliest performance to be thus preserved is one by the English ballerina Alicia Markova (b.
Here we have a virtual parade of the greatest names in ballet: Karsavina, Marie Rambert, Lydia Sokolova, Leonide Massine, Ninette de Valois, Anton Dolin, Alicia Markova and Serge Lifar, to name but some.
WHY do opera and ballet stars like Kiri Te Kanawa, Alicia Markova and Margot Fonteyn become Dames?
The garment that adorned ballet legend Dame Alicia Markova during Swan Lake was the star lot at Fieldings Auctioneers' Stourbridge sale last week, realising PS2,600.
The cover The cover and Fashion, by Valerie In an introductory essay to her sumptuous book, Dance and Fashion author Valerie Steel notes: "The first time a ballerina appeared on stage wearing nothing but an all-over white unitard was in 1925 in Paris when the 14-year-old Alicia Markova (soon to become of the finest dancers Britain ever produced) appeared in The Song of the Nightingale.
"Alicia Markova, her Slavic name notwithstanding, is an English girl.
Freddie's ballerina partners included Alexandra Danilova, Alicia Markova, Agnes de Mille and Moira Shearer.
Founded in 1950 by Alicia Markova and Anton Dolin, with the financial backing of Polish impresario Julian Braunsweg, the company's original name, Festival Ballet, was inspired by the, then, imminent Festival of Britain.
In 1952, she replaced the great Dame Alicia Markova, who had strained an ankle, in the premiere of Sir Frederick Ashton's Vision of Marguerite.
DOES anyone remember seeing Alicia Markova delight her audience in a ballet called The Nightingale and the Rose at the Theatre Royal?
The cast is legendary: Alicia Markova, John Field, Violetta Elvin, and Svetlana Beriosova.
His other best sellers included flower paintings, the Balinese Girl and ballerina Alicia Markova.
Highlights include a Dame Alicia Markova tutu and headdress from the 1930s, Royal Shakespeare Company costumes and a scale wooden model of Newcastle quayside when the site was used for medieval plays.