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English ballet dancer (born in 1910)

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Mr Bernays isn't old enough to remember Alicia Markova in her tutu but he can tell you that it was transported to Newcastle in a custom-built tutu-shaped box.
The cast is legendary: Alicia Markova, John Field, Violetta Elvin, and Svetlana Beriosova.
Among the most famous are 'Chinese Girl' and 'Dying Swan', which was posed by the ballerina Alicia Markova.
Freddie's ballerina partners included Alexandra Danilova, Alicia Markova, Agnes de Mille and Moira Shearer.
In 1952, she replaced the great Dame Alicia Markova, who had strained an ankle, in the premiere of Sir Frederick Ashton's Vision of Marguerite.
Founded in 1950 by Alicia Markova and Anton Dolin, with the financial backing of Polish impresario Julian Braunsweg, the company's original name, Festival Ballet, was inspired by the, then, imminent Festival of Britain.
Highlights include a Dame Alicia Markova tutu and headdress from the 1930s, Royal Shakespeare Company costumes and a scale wooden model of Newcastle quayside when the site was used for medieval plays.
She also portrayed Lady Montague in the premiere of his one-act Romeo and Juliet in 1943, with Hugh Laing and Alicia Markova in the title roles and a young Jerome Robbins as Benvolio.
His other best sellers included flower paintings, the Balinese Girl and ballerina Alicia Markova.
Dame Alicia Markova, one of the 20th century's greatest ballerinas, died yesterday, a day after her 94th birthday.
Hilda Morales recalls protesting her red wig in Romeo and Juliet, to which Tudor snapped, "If the wig was good enough for Alicia Markova and she did not complain, it should be good enough for you.
It was performed by the Vic-Wells company with the recently deceased Alicia Markova in the lead role.
If St Petersburg Ballet Theatre's Irina Kolesnikova stepped with trepidation into the ballet shoes vacated by the likes of Margot Fonteyn and Alicia Markova,it didn't show at the North Wales Theatre this week.
This is probably the final page in a great story which also involved Dame Ninette de Valois, who founded the Royal Ballet, and Dame Alicia Markova (who I shall join in London in January at an award presentation to be given at Sadler's Wells Theatre).
At 18, during his first year with Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet, he partnered Alicia Markova.