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English actress (1847-1928)

a pile fabric (usually cotton) with uncut loops on both sides

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Q: Alicia, how long do you think it takes a person to really become an actor?
The immigration people phoned Deborah but by that time Alicia was already on the plane on her way back.
De acuerdo a declaraciones de Sergio, uno de sus integrantes en el programa "Escandalo TV" de la cadena Telefutura, todo lo que se dice de una separacion y una nueva integrante en el grupo son solo rumores, que todavia no se confirma nada hasta que Alicia no defina que quiere hacer con el grupo.
Kevin gets on the Web and buys latest Dirge album for Alicia.
He had a lustful crush on 34-year-old Alicia in what he describes as "my big porn years" in the 80s.
In her native Cuba, Alicia Conill's kindergarten report card said she wanted to be a doctor.
El marido encontro trabajo en un restaurante y Alicia aprovecho el tiempo para tomar clases de pintura.
With chilling matter-of-factness Alicia recounts how her great-grandmother's husband burned down the family's home after he was caught stealing; how her father was imprisoned and later came after her mother and siblings with a knife; how her grandfather Marco Tulio beat his children so badly that his eldest son Elias hacked him to death with an axe; how she was raped by six men on her way to church; how she coped with the evil power of her eyes.
Both senior vice presidents, Alicia Arnold and Priya Shah have strong agency and corporate experience playing key digital leadership roles.
Alicia says she and Kam are friends and they would never disrespect each other during the process.
He later hears Alicia fuming about his plans to buy back the shop and angrily accuses her of being selfish and inconsiderate.
Alicia gets increasingly agitated by the total lack of remorse her attacker Lachlan has shown.
Headteacher of North Liverpool Academy, Rupert Stead, said: "We are extremely sad to hear the news about Alicia.
TV star Alicia Lai dropped in at a karate class to help show youngsters some moves.