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a band worn around or over the head

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What was also incomprehensible is that I worked with some of the Alice band women and, to put it bluntly, they were thick as mince.
99 New Look Butterfly Alice band pounds 4 New Look Corsage prom dress pounds 16.
Zig zag heart dress with clover and queen of hearts embroidery, pounds 125, tulip coat, pounds 138, and Alice band as a head scarf, pounds 14; Playsuit with embroidered trim, pounds 75, and Alice band worm as a head scarf, pounds 14; White Alice cami, pounds 45, double breasted crop cardi, pounds 68, zig zag shorts, pounds 65, Alice band as belt, pounds 14
Accessorize have a cute spotty Alice band (above, PS6, www.
Not everyone suits hats, so if you prefer something subtle but still dressy, how about this Beth beaded statement Alice band, pounds 12 from Accessorize?
uk, 0844 8110068 Alice band, pounds 15, Crown and Glory Hair, www.
A slightly rolling country feel to the Scottish band that features husband and wife Shelly Poole (Alisha's Attic) and Texas guitarist Ally McErlaine who have teamed up with Alice Band vocalist Charity Hair.
Rooney's team-mate, Rio Ferdinand, posted: 'just don't go down the wearing a alice band route
And teammate Ferdinand tweeted: "Just don't go down the wearing a Alice band route
GET that perfectly preened look with this duck feather draping Alice band, pounds 14 at Topshop.
Hide an Alice band in the glove box or purchase a trendy hair slide.
His styles have included crewcut, long flowing blonde hair with an Alice band, highlights, braids, Mohican and mullet.
And those with short hair would benefit from an Alice band style, which can be covered by blow drying and styling.
I hope that Luis Garcia doesn't turn out to be Smicer in an Alice Band, but don't hold your breath.
As for his hair we're not sure whether the voters liked it long, short or in an Alice band, but either way it's very popular.