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a band worn around or over the head

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Not everyone suits hats, so if you prefer something subtle but still dressy, how about this Beth beaded statement Alice band, pounds 12 from Accessorize?
A slightly rolling country feel to the Scottish band that features husband and wife Shelly Poole (Alisha's Attic) and Texas guitarist Ally McErlaine who have teamed up with Alice Band vocalist Charity Hair.
Red Sky July Red Sky July SCOTS guitarist Ally McErlaine and wife Shelly Poole (ex-Alisha's Attic) and Charity Hair of The Alice Band recorded this alt-country folk pleaser following Ally's almost fatal brain aneurysm.
GET that perfectly preened look with this duck feather draping Alice band, pounds 14 at Topshop.
Posh was sporting way too much make up, bizarre hair and a gross lace Alice band as she made her way into the studios in Boston.
And those with short hair would benefit from an Alice band style, which can be covered by blow drying and styling.
DAME ALICE BAND: Former secretary of QUB Young Unionists (in 1954).
We're backing Ronnie for glory at the Crucible, but we hope Hunter chases him all the way - complete with Alice band, shocking sex stories and some explosive potting, too.
There was the wearing of the Alice band so that the highlighted hair didn't obscure the view.
GARETH Bale pulled a David Beckham and wore an Alice band - on a trip to the primary school where he first honed his skills.
Green silk maxi, pounds 175; biker jacket, pounds 150; bag, pounds 35 FRONT COVER: Animal print cami, pounds 35; fluffy feather cape, pounds 55 Green leather jacket, pounds 300: shorts, pounds 35: blouse pounds 50: boots pounds 95 Bronze leggings, pounds 25; nude embroidered dress, pounds 90; blue shawl, pounds 50; Alice band, pounds 30 Peach spaghetti strap dress, pounds 295; luxe fur stole, pounds 50 Purple metallic leggings, pounds 50; metallic top, pounds 20; jacket, pounds 95
Adding a few plaits or accessorising with an alice band will freshen the look.
My husband dressed up as Jimmy Hendrix, I wore a mini skirt, black tights, silver top with a string of beads, and a red Alice band in my hair, not a pretty sight for someone of my age.