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United States writer remembered as the secretary and companion of Gertrude Stein (1877-1967)


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The most striking omission from the Stein section of "My Own Life" was any mention of Alice B.
It wasn't until the publication of The Autobiography of Alice B.
If Malcolm is as baffled by Stein's writing as most of the rest of us (and she's utterly candid about admitting the degree to which she is), that hasn't prevented her from writing a sharp and entertaining look at Stein's life--or, more specifically, the part of her life that she shared with the equally unusual Alice B.
In Gertrude Stein Remembered, Linda Simon, author of the unusually interesting Biography of Alice B.
Stein and Wilder met in Chicago in November 1945, during her lecture tour on "What Is English Literature," arranged after the success of The Autobiography of Alice B.
A Fine Madness," "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight," "I Love You, Alice B.
Recalling his first meeting with Stein in 1926, Thomson said that the two got along "like two Harvard men," but Alice B.
When Fay was sentenced to life imprisonment for his direct responsibility in the deaths of hundreds of French Freemasons, Alice B.
After the Fox,'' ``Casino Royale'' and ``I Love you Alice B.
It was therefore entirely by coincidence that I discovered the missing name of Alice B.
The author re-acquaints us with Toklas' charming memoir, What is Remembered (1963) and, in a close reading, compares it with both the Autobiography and The Alice B.
Shaw has clearly put a lot of thought into what's in a name; four large digital pigment prints show her portraying famous Alices--Alice in Wonderland, Alice B.
It is one of a number of strings of lightbulbs that would be nearly identical but for their titles, which Gonzalez-Torres associated with memorable events, places, and people More obviously a memento mori is the Cuban-born artist's lapidary photograph, also from 1992, of colorful flowers stuck into the ground; only the work's subtitle discloses that they were placed on the grave of Gertrude Stein and Alice B.
On the first question, that of physical survival, most of Stein's biographers have concluded that the head of the Bibliotheque Nationale, Bernard Fay, protected Stein and her female companion Alice B.
Surely anyone who frequented Stein's salon could count on being memorialized in some fashion, either in a word portrait by their host, in an actual portrait by one of the artists in attendance, or through a mention in The Autobiography of Alice B.