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Albanian soldier in the service of Turkey who was made viceroy of Egypt and took control away from the Ottoman Empire and established Egypt as a modern state (1769-1849)

United States prizefighter who won the world heavyweight championship three times (born in 1942)

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Frank Malley pays tribute to the boxing legend Muhammad Ali who turns 65 today THE body is frail and shaking and sadly these days the only sign of a Muhammad Ali shuffle is the stumbling one which accompanies his walking frame.
And after busting Ghana's offside trap to race into Ze Roberto's through ball, Ronaldo produced the equivalent of a Muhammad Ali shuffle to skip past Richard Kingson and tap into an empty net.
He'd do a Samba step into the ring or little dances during many of his fights long before the Ali Shuffle.
Forget the Ali Shuffle - United were treated to the `Aage Shuffle' as Crewe were KO'd by Jan Aage Fjortoft.
I used to do the Ali shuffle but I never said I was The Greatest, just the latest
But there was nothing as classy as the Ali shuffle, which Adams produced in her historic Olympic final triumph, on display at Upton Park.
He was about 25 stone and tried to do an Ali shuffle after he'd won.
You're not going to see Ricky Hatton on his toes, jabbing and moving, switching and doing the Ali shuffle - but you're going to see Ricky Hatton moving his head as he comes in, jabbing as he comes in and setting up his attacks," he predicted.
An adaptation of the Ali Shuffle is invented to lose my marker at the restarts - something which attracts as bemused a reaction as the skirt, but at least buys some time.
Richard Hughes was confidently free-wheeling off the pace up the straight in the Group 3 St Simon Stakes, but, when he came to make a challenge inside the final furlong, Day Flight was required to ape the Ali shuffle to wriggle through a closing gap.
Tricky newcomer Umran Shelmani (Wellington ABC) had the crowd roaring with his Ali shuffle impression but Lewis Ritson (Forest Hill) had the edge in fitness as he took a unanimous vote.
A brash, mouthy young man famous for spouting his match predictions in rhyme (one of the first rappers, indeed), as well as his trademark Ali Shuffle fancy footwork, he brought colour and flamboyance to a sport whose champions had hitherto largely been monosyllabic grunters not best known for a sense of showmanship or humour.
even when she's boxing you see her dancing, doing the Ali shuffle.
The 29-year-old sealed her win with an Ali shuffle as she comprehensively overcame China's double world champion Ren Cancan in front of a crowd including the Duchess of Cambridge.
The Perth skipper flattened his opponent during an injury-time confrontation as the Fir Park winger did a Muhammad Ali shuffle on the left flank in an attempt to run down the clock.