aluminium hydroxide

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white crystalline compound that occurs naturally as the mineral gibbsite

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Even though the alhydrogel beads were stable, the TMC nanoparticles contained in PBS would make better carrier for the intended antigen delivery due to their smaller particle sizes and stability.
Immunogenicity in rhesus of the Plasmodium vivax mosquito stage antigen Pvs25H with Alhydrogel and Montanide ISA 720.
The vaccine protein is adsorbed to Alhydrogel adjuvant and has been shown to effectively stimulate HTL responses against multiple epitopes in a mouse model.
While aluminum salt (alum) derivatives such as Alhydrogel are the only adjuvants currently approved by the FDA, they have has been associated with adverse reactions such as irritation and inflammation of the injection site, and may also result in an allergic reaction.
TH-GW was initially formulated with alhydrogel (alum).
BioSante is responsible for developing formulations of BioVant with the anthrax vaccine antigens and will conduct immunization studies in animals to determine the immunogenicity of the resulting BioVant/antigen vaccines compared with an anthrax vaccine formulated with Alhydrogel.