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a fortified Moorish palace built near Granada by Muslim kings in the Middle Ages

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The claim from SEAT is that the sporting character and driving fun it builds into all its cars are very much intact where the Alhambra is concerned.
Design, construction, implementation and management of the whole system of booking and ticketing of the Alhambra and Generalife.
Around town, the Alhambra can eek extra miles out of its fuel tank and contribute to cleaner air with its standard Start-Stop technology.
This improved Alhambra continues where its predecessor left off and running costs are certainly manageable thanks to a modern engine range and the advanced efficiency technology fitted to all models.
The Alhambra's director general, MarE[degrees]a del Mar Villafranca, called 2014: "the best tourist year in the history of the Alhambra.
The concert by Alhambra was by far the most exciting event in this year's series.
The Alhambra has worked with the Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center (ELARC) and Platt College to develop spaces that support their growth and allow them to continue to serve the local community.
ALHAMBRA (Advanced Large, Homogeneous Area Medium Band Redshift Astronomical survey) has a system of twenty filters covering all wavelengths in the optical and three filters in the infrared, which allows to accurately determine the energy emitted by galaxies and the distance of half a million galaxies with unprecedented depth for the sample size.
THE Seat Alhambra has been crowned the best people-carrier for the third year running in the 2013 What Car?
Architectural historian Christopher Gray compared the Alhambra to the Dakota, citing the "block-long mountain range of peaks and crags in brick and terra cotta.
BBU Bank, a State of Florida financial institution with $20 million in capital, announces its grand opening at 150 Alhambra Circle and will celebrate with a private cocktail reception on March 16, 2006.
owners of the Alhambra water brand and one of the country's largest providers of bottled water, brewed coffee and water filtration services is pleased to announce the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Hillcrest Springs, Inc.
CALGARY, Canada, August 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Alhambra Resources Ltd.
q TONIGHT Bradford, Alhambra, studio ( ALEX HORNE (comedy); Bradford, St George's ( DERREN BROWN (mind control); Chorlton, Iguana Bar ( "Mirth on Monday" feat.