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The larger the speedup ratio is, the better the algorithm functions. Amdahl proposed a formula f with proportion relation of speedup, number of CPU of processors and calculation parts which cannot be analyzed by parallel algorithm, which is also known as Amdahl's law [13].
In some cases (functions AddRounKey and SubKeyRoundenc) the synthesis tool generates IOBs (Input Ouput Blocks) over-mapped when exceeding the required amount of them for assignment of both inputs and outputs necessary in the implementation of the algorithm functions. Table 2 also shows that the percentage of use of Look Up Tables (LUTs), in both types of data encoding, is lower than the percentage of use of IOBs; in addition, the designs require more LUTs when functions are synthesized by using the encoding 1-of-4.
Rather than expecting the developed algorithm to provide accurate results on all types of problems, it is more reasonable to determine the types of problems where the algorithm functions well and decide on the algorithm to be used on a specific problem.
'Yes!' he answered unequivocally and proceeded to explain the practical competitive edge you gain when you understand search algorithm functions.
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