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Vice President of the United States under Bill Clinton (born in 1948)

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In 2000 he worked with AlGore during the tightest ever presidential contest, from which George W Bush eventually emerged as victor after a courtroom battle.
AlGore is correct when he says that political will is the main obstacle to addressing global warming, but we also need to be able to look beyond the status quo and struggle for a different kind of world.
Proceeds go to The Alliance for Climate Protection, a charity founded by America's former vice - president AlGore.
Dylan Malone, a co-founder of and the architect of past "draft Gore" movements, did little to assuage the rumours, saying, "[Gore's] time has come.
Remember that AlGore virtually ran such a race in 2000, unapologetically backing abortion, gun registration, and civil unions against the backdrop of the "Clinton Wars." With the country divided equally between the married and unmarried, those who are weekly church attendees and those who are not, Democrats and Republicans, the specter of a battle over values should not leave Democrats trembling.
Despite bill Clinton's uneven record, his choice of AlGore - the Senate's most devout environmentalist - as running mate has raised hopes that the new administration will become a world leader on ecological issues instead of a spoiler.