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For many of the artists involved this will be their first time they publicly display their work as Algonquins. Michelle Mackenzie (photographer), Melinda Shank-Miles (painter/illustrator), and Trevor Tennent (painter) are just a few that have enthusiastically joined the exhibit.
August will be a momentous month for members of the Algonquin communities in Ontario.
After years of struggling to preserve their identity and territory, the Algonquins of Barriere Lake signed a resource co-management agreement in 1991 with the governments of Canada and Quebec to ensure that they had the final word on land use in their territory.
Although the Barriere Lake Algonquins have never renounced their ancestral rights to the territory, they have been forced to live in dilapidated housing on a reserve of only 59 acres at Rapid Lake.
But during the last year, the Algonquins say Domtar has taken advantage of a leadership rift in the community and started clear-cutting again in ecologically and culturally sensitive areas that are supposed to be off-limits under the agreement.
"The choice is now in the hands of Algonquin voters," said Kirby Whiteduck, chief of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation and one of 16 Algonquin negotiators with the Algonquins of Ontario.
Pritchard (Native American Studies, Pace University and Vassar College) describes the first encounters between the expedition of explorer Henry Hudson and the Algonquin people of what is now New York State.
Treaty negotiations are ongoing, involving 10 Algonquin communities, only one of which--the Algonquins of Golden Lake or Pikwakanagan - has reserve status.
In 1992, people of the only federally recognized Algonquin reserve in Ontario--Pikwakagagan--began land claim negotiations with the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada.
Algonquin Studios and the ALA decided to host the educational roundtable because, when looking at Information Technology services in the legal industry, they found that the topics and issues are so broad that legal administrators often find themselves in a uneasy position-unsure how to solve problems, who to ask for help, or even what questions they should be asking to get the help they need.
Because Algonquin recognizes that every law firm is unique and that the requirements of each firm will also be different, the company's focus for this year's show will be its Concierge IT Consulting services.
The athletes then completed multiple arts & crafts projects that included creating collages for countries represented by teams playing in the World Cup and posters of the logos for Buffalo Soccer Club and Algonquin Sports for Kids, the umbrella organization under which Buffalo Soccer Club operates.
Buffalo, NY, June 11, 2010 --( Garigen will be focused on promoting Algonquin's content management system, QuantumCMS, and its related services to local and national companies in the legal industry.
Buffalo, NY, May 27, 2010 --( M&T Bank recognized Algonquin Studios, Inc.