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In 1637, Algonquin people refused Dutch demands to pay taxes for military fortifications.
The chief wants to ensure that the partnership would not impose any restrictions on the Algonquin people, and whether it would give them a significant say in what happens in the A2A region.
The Cheyenne tribe traces their roots to the woodlands of northern Minnesota, and are descended from early Algonquin people.
Tourists flock there to camp, canoe and commune with nature the way the Algonquin people did in days gone by.
Pritchard (Native American Studies, Pace University and Vassar College) describes the first encounters between the expedition of explorer Henry Hudson and the Algonquin people of what is now New York State.
53(c) of Bill C-18 (the taking, acquiring, holding, or disposing of property only by citizens of Canada) should be added so that Mohawk and Algonquin people, who are not citizens of Canada, would be treated in the same manner as a citizen," and "that Canada acknowledge that while enfranchisement was the only expressed route to Canadian citizenship in the past (until 1985), the lack of citizenship in Canada will never be construed to limit, alter, suspend, or diminish Mohawk, or Algonquin citizenship, or their rights and freedoms in Canada.
If the museum and anthropologists and archeologists want to learn about Aboriginal people, the Algonquin people, maybe they should come and see the real thing, come and talk to the people today because all of the oral history has been passed down to the Elders.