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At present, the study revolves around the Algonquian language and its dialects of Cree, Ojibway, Oji-Cree and Michif, since these are spoken by most Aboriginal people in Manitoba.
This type of system is attested for instance in the Algonquian language Blackfoot (see Russell et al.
The Algonquian language Nishnaabemwin in (11d) has a lexical process of posteriorization whereby /t d/ surface as [t[?
According to Ethnologue, Potawatomi is part of the Central Algonquian language family, related to such languages as Cree, Kickapoo, Menominee, Odawa, and Ojibwa.
The first Bible printed in America, the New Testament translated by John Eliot into the Algonquian language and financed by the Corporation for Propagating the Gospel in New England, was published.
Even a cursory glance at the grammatical sketch of any Algonquian language reveals the crucial role played in its fundamental structures by gender, person, and obviation.
Demonstrative Words in the Algonquian Language Passamaquoddy: A Descriptive and Grammaticalization Analysis.
47) They sang the hymns, heard the sermons, and were catechized in the Illinois' Algonquian language.
Among the few song texts that appear in the Jesuit relations, two are untranslated fragments from the Algonquian language of the Montagnais ([6] 185; [12] 9-11), one is a series of songs by Christian Iroquois which may have been sung originally in French ([421 115-117), one is the "death song" of a Christian Iroquois which is presented in the original and with a translation ([57] 173), and one is the Nativelanguage text with music for a song for the Calumet Dance among the Illinois ([59] 137).
Over the next three decades, Eliot translated the Bible and many other tracts into the Algonquian language, formed several "praying towns" of Indian converts, established schools and congregations, raised funds in England by publishing almost annual accounts of his accomplishments, defended his "praying Indians" against their Indian and white detractors, and persuaded dozens if not hundreds of natives to forgo their customary beliefs for the hope of salvation through God's grace.
For example, the phrase "that cuts no ice with me" is actually a phrase from one of the Algonquian languages.
The original intention was to develop the books for Plains Cree, but to get them translated into other Algonquian languages, she said.
6) The morphosyntax of Algonquian languages is not necessarily as neatly organized as this suggests, see Rhodes 1994; Zuniga 2008.
Also, we learn that rediscovering how to pronounce Wampanoag words is accomplished by studying the pronunciation of the same or similar words in one or more of the Algonquian languages still spoken today--there were once three dozen Algonquian languages, including Wampanoag.
But their languages belong to a family of eastern Algonquian languages, some of which have both dictionaries and native speakers, which the team can mine for missing words and phrases, and for grammatical structure.