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23) explain, the fur trade involved two exchanges: "In the first, European traders and coastal Algonkians exchanged manufactured goods for wampum; in the second, European traders used wampum (and manufactured goods) to obtain first at Fort Orange [Albany].
Section 2 enters more into detail on the missions among the eastern Iroquoian tribes, the Algonkians, and the Muskogeans of the American southeast.
Section 3 deals with the central Algonkian tribes, especially the Ojibways and their close linguistic kin, the Potawatomis, whose history has spanned some two centuries of uprooting and forced movement between the Great Lakes and Kansas.
The petroglyphs are generally believed to have been made by Algonkians, more than a thousand years ago.
Report prepared for the Algonkians of Barriere lake and the Secretariat Trilateral.
Among the Cree and Ojibwa, Algonkian groups of central Canada,