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Synonyms for Algonkian

a member of a North American Indian people in the Ottawa river valley of Ontario and Quebec


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the Algonquian language spoken by the Algonkian

of or relating to an Algonquian tribe or its people or language

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For starters, Algonkian Conference events emphasize the teaching of dramatic technique as it applies to plotting and complicating a story.
They therefore number in the thousands and include languages such as Persian, Finnish, Hungarian, Korean, Algonkian and other North American Indian languages, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Omaha-Ponca and other Siouan languages (Dakotan dialects, Crow, etc.
She has written numerous articles and books, including Nature Religion in America: From the Algonkian Indians to the New Age; her widely used textbook, America: Religions and Religion, is now in its third edition.
The situation among the east coast Algonkian people of the Maritime provinces and Maine, while perhaps not as conflictual, presents an equally melancholy portrait of native Catholic life.
The Algonkian Indians from the Atlantic to the Great Lakes also had family hunting territories that passed from generation to generation.
By far the most widespread were (and still are) Cree, in the Algonkian group, and Inuktitut, an Eskaleut language of the Arctic.
The group arrived in July 1585 and found a temperate climate and a wooded island inhabited by Algonkian Indians, whose initial relations with the colonists were good.
The annual motorcycle ride kicks off at Bob Evans Restaurant in Chantilly, Virginia where participants will ride through historic Northern Virginia and end at Algonkian Regional Park in Sterling, Virginia for a barbeque.
Throughout the weekend, Bruchac will share information about the Algonkian peoples' traditions of giving thanks and will demonstrate how their own cooking is connected to some Thanksgiving foods of today.
NEW YORK, May 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Algonkian Writer Conferences, birthed from online fiction classes at Web del Sol and coming to rest in 2002 on the banks of the Potomac River, have become a major player in the business of preparing and networking nascent fiction authors in all genres, including women's fiction, mystery/suspense, urban and YA fantasy, and upscale literary fiction -- one of the most recent being Roberta Gately, author of LIPSTICK IN AFGHANISTAN.
From natural settings to spiritual places in the Algonkian sacred landscape: an archaeological, ethnohistorical and ethnographic analysis of Canadian Shield rock-art sites, in C.
The cultural survival of Algonkian trapline users is closely linked to the quality of their practice of traditional activities and the capacity of the ecosystems that characterize the boreal forest to support such activities (Mongeon 1998).
Hunting/farming peoples included the various branches of Iroquoians, as well as some Algonkian Odawa (Ottawa) of the St.