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the second brightest star in Perseus

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(from a combination of ALGOrithmic and Language)

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(It would be conceivable to provide instead an alternate binding form for call-by-value, as was done in Algol 60 using the keyword value with a formal parameter.)
Algol 60 was the work of an international group with members from Germany, Switzerland, the U.S., England, Denmark, etc.
This is a close relation of Algol 60, and it is easy for an Algol 60 programmer to learn; however, there was never any thought that a Pascal compiler might be able to accept Algol 60 programs.
In this section we consider compiler specifications for two programming languages: ALGOL 60 and ICON.
The next step was taken when Algol 60 [47] formalized the structure of a large class of programs.