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the second brightest star in Perseus

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(from a combination of ALGOrithmic and Language)

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Algol marks the severed head of the monster Medusa in the grasp of Perseus.
There's actually one hint that Algol's variability may have been known in ancient times, even though it was never recorded.
All pulsating Algols detected and analysed thus far lie inside the classical 5 Scuti star instability strip very close to the ZAMS (Mkrichian et al.
Mutel said the coronal loop at Algol is resembles those at the sun, but the magnetic field at Algol is nearly 1,000 times more powerful.
The parameters are entered in the nesting store in the same order as they are given in the Algol parameter, list, i.e.
It will be a brave man who backs against Algol defying a 9lb rise in the weights.
The Howard Johnson-trained Algol was an impressive winner of the Louisburg Maiden Stakes.
The contracts, valued at a total of EUR377,000, were received by Becton & Dickinson Oy, Mekalasi Oy, Oriola Oy Prolab, Berner Oy Terveys ja Tutkimus, Tamro Medlab Oy, Labema Oy, VWR International Oy, Sigma-Aldric/YA-kemia, Orion Diagnostica, Biomerieux Suomi Oy, Immuno Diagnostics Oy, Pharmacia Oy, Finnzymes Oy, Laborexin Oy, Algol Oy, Ordior Oy, Abbot Oy Diagnostics Division, DPC Finland Oy, Labnet Oy, Thermo Labsystems Oy, Roche Diagnostics Oy, Biofellows Oy, Sarstedt Oy, Konstrumed Oy, Biohit Oyj, Millipore Oy, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Ab Sangtech Medical and Wallac Finland Oy.
The periods for many Algol eclipsing binary stars, two stars orbiting each other, have not been updated since 1950.
Soldiers and civilians from MTMC's 599th Transportation Group headquarters got some hands-on traffic management experience when the USNS Algol arrived in Pearl Harbor recently.
Two of these languages deserve a mention here; Algol [5] was the result of a joint U.S.-Europe design effort; PL/1 was IBM's dream child [4].
We explore this connection by translating two variations on Algol 60 into a purely functional language with polymorphic linear types.
Italian network computing systems distributor Algol SpA has reported a first quarter net loss of 458,000 euros ($478,000) on revenue that was down 5.3% at 16.1m euros ($16.8m).
The five people from Fife on board the Algol, a cruising yacht, and two people on board the Pendragon, a 39ft yacht, were unharmed.