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Rabat Algerian activists announced their decision to hold a peaceful sit-in at the Colonel Lotfi Border post on August 13.
(TAP) - Tourism and Handicrafts Minister Rene Trabelsi undertook Monday to provide all the favourable conditions to the reception of Algerian tourists at border crossing points.
Following Bouteflika's resignation, the French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, expressed confidence that Algerians can continue the democratic transition in the same spirit of calm and responsibility.
The president, who uses a wheelchair and has rarely been seen in public during the past five years after he had a stroke in 2013, has announced last week his intention to run for the fifth term and sparked endless waves of anger and frustration among Algerians.
Summary: The first international fair for Algerian and Tunisian tourism professionals will take place for the first time in Hammamet on May 4 and 5.
Today the Algerian and freedom-loving nations throughout the globe celebrate the 60th anniversary of the inception of the glorious 1st november 1954.
Summary: The Algerian Red Crescent sent on Thursday 75 tons of humanitarian and medical aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
Dubai: Algerians living in Dubai flocked to the Algerian consulate to cast their votes on the last day of elections.
After the hostage crisis was finally brought to a bloody end on Saturday by the Algerian military, with the deaths of at least 25 foreigners and Algerians, a picture has begun to emerge of the horror and savagery of the attack.
The terrorists staged a deadly attack on a natural gas field near the town of In Amenas on Wednesday seizing hundreds of Algerians and foreigners.
Up to 41 foreign workers and about 100 Algerians had been taken captive by Islamic militants, according to initial reports.
Meanwhile, Chihab Sadik, who is a member of the RND national office told Algerian daily Echorouk Al-Youmi, he believed the Libyan government "exaggerated" its protest, adding that Ouyahia's remarks were not directed at Libyans but at Algerians.
It said he would be working with other financial specialists, but did not identify them of say whether they were Algerians or foreigners.
Busses carrying Algerian fans were stoned after the Cairo match and fans clashed outside hotels housing the Algerians, leaving at least 20 Algerian fans and 12 Egyptians wounded.