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Summary: The Algerian Red Crescent sent on Thursday 75 tons of humanitarian and medical aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
About twice as many Algerians said the economy is doing well or very well in 2013 (66%) compared with 2011 (32%).
The country is yet to take advantage of the oil revenue to increase the productivity of Algerians.
The Vice Consul said there are 10,000 Algerians living in the UAE, out of which around 8,000 reside in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.
That later led security analysts to question whether the assault might have been slowed if the security system established by the Algerian government had been tighter.
The terrorist group, which was trained in Nigeria, included eleven Tunisians, seven Egyptians, five Malians, three Algerians and also nationals from Canada, Nigeria and Mauritania.
Algerian troops have launched a military operation against Islamist terrorists holding dozens of hostages at a gas facility near the Libyan border, the UK foreign office has confirmed.
Algerians have always been concerned with what happens in France, and always read French newspapers and watch French television shows.
There are still 13 Algerians reported to be in Iraqi prisons, with 10-15 years sentences, including one for life imprisonment.
The group also threatened Algiers with new attacks and calls on Algerians to avoid approaching government buildings.
With photos) ALGIERS, July 25 (KUNA) -- Algerian is witnessing an influx of refugees from Syria who are joining their relatives in Algeria, while others were provided with shelter by capable Algerians.
He said they were intended to warn Algerians of "foreign conspiracies that targeted several Arab countries".
On the political situation in Algeria, Tabbou said that in the face of "a regime waging a war against reforms", Algerians will not be able to have their revolution until trust is established with politicians.
Tunisia will also endeavour to improve reception conditions on border crossing-points and airports, by organising a communication campaign aimed to reassure Algerians on security conditions in Tunisia and better introduce the promotional offers for Algerian families who want to come to Tunisia during the summer holidays.
It said he would be working with other financial specialists, but did not identify them of say whether they were Algerians or foreigners.