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For background on Islamists and the conflict in Algeria, see Hugh Roberts, "Radical Islamism and the Dilemma of Algerian Nationalism: The Embattled Arians of Algiers," Third World Quarterly, 10, 2 (April 1988): 556-89; Martha Crenshaw, "Political Violence in Algeria," Terrorism and Political Violence 6, 3 (Autumn 1994): 261-280; Hugh Roberts, "From Radical Mission to Equivocal Ambition: The Expansion and Manipulation of Algerian Islamism, 1979-1992, "in Accounting for Fundamentalisms: The Dynamic Character of Movements, ed.
The patient recalled pruritis and scratching during his stay in Algeria.
Mahfoud Nehnah, the leader of the Hamas Party, a moderate Islamic force in Algeria, encouraged his followers to vote in the referendum and intimated that he was not opposed to the new constitution.
With regard to the industry and our manufacturing of trucks, tractors, farm machines I must say that Algeria is a huge country and our equipment.
Today, in Niger's northern regional capital of Agades, almost everything in its shops--food, spare parts, mattresses, construction materials, even eggs and potatoes --comes from Algeria.
Ooredoo Algeria said it has plans in place to roll-out 4G across all 48 provinces in the coming months.
The Ambassador said a bigger Trade Expo will be held in Algeria from 28th May to 2nd June this year and large number of businessmen from Arab countries, Europe, Africa and Asia were expected to participate in this Expo.
This was stated by Ambassador of the People's Republic of Algeria Lakhal Benkelai while exchanging views with local business community at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Thursday.
What is not in doubt is that the reforms come at a sensitive time, when Algeria is plagued by political and economic uncertainty.
SNTA remained the leading manufacturer of smokeless tobacco in Algeria in 2014 with an 86% volume share.
According to the latest report by TechSci Research "Algeria Commercial Vehicles Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020," the commercial vehicle market of Algeria is anticipated to grow at 7.
4-billion cubic meter natural gas deal between Turkey and Algeria.
Algeria is bordered by Tunisia in the northeast, Libya in the east, Niger in the southeast, Mali and Mauritania in the southwest, and Morocco and a few kilometers of the Western Sahara in the west.
The Commission Bancaire of the Bank of Algeria decided on July 3, 2014 to put Al Salam Bank Algeria under temporary administration, due to differences between certain shareholders of Al Salam Bank Algeria, who were also the founders of the Bank.