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For students who have already failed Algebra 1, there are credit recovery programs that allow them to pass the algebra test without having to retake the class.
Los Angeles Unified School District superintendent Roy Romer has stated that algebra is a trigger for more dropouts than any other subject, and a 2006 study at Florida International University found that students who failed Algebra 1 were four times more likely to drop out of high school than those who passed the course.
In Rockingham schools, students typically take Algebra 1 in eighth grade.
Nationally, only 27 percent of all white and Asian-American eighth-graders take Algebra 1, and just 20 percent of Latinos and African-Americans.
Taking these courses increases the odds of earning a college diploma Percentage of high school graduates completing this course who then High school course title earned a bachelor's degree by age 30 Algebra 1 8% Geometry 23% Algebra 2 40% Trigonometry 62% Precalculus 74% Calculus 80% Source: Adelma, Clifford.
The "I CAN Learn[R] Algebra 1" course, which was used in all of the studies included in this intervention report, consists of 177 algebra lessons.
* Algebra 1 is a week-long professional development program for teachers of pre-algebra and Algebra 1, in which the primary focus of the activities is exploring pre-algebra and algebraic concepts and problems via handheld calculator/computer technology.