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primitive chlorophyll-containing mainly aquatic eukaryotic organisms lacking true stems and roots and leaves

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"It's still a difficult sell to management," Alge explains.
The National Museum should be well known to everyone, but just who are ALGE?
La guerre de libAaAaAeA@ration nationale a considAaAaAeA@rablement contribuAaAaAeA@ au dAaAaAeA@vel du droit international humanitaire, a affirmAaAaAeA@, ce samedi, AaAaAeA Alge reprAaAaAeA@sentant du ComitAaAaAeA@ international de la croix rouge (CICR), Kh el Tari, en marge du renouvellement de la Commission nationale du droit international humanitaire.
The 6-5, 269-pound Smith was regarded as one of the top blocking tight ends in the draft and could someday take over for veteran tight end Alge Crumpler.
Au moment oAaAaAeA je vous parle, je suis AaAaAeA Timmimou prAaAaAeA@parer le sAaAaAeA@jour de nos clients qui veulent dAaAaAeA@couvrir cette rAa J'ai rAaAaAeA@servAaAaAeA@ au prAaAaAeA@alable mais il y a tellement de demandes me suis dAaAaAeA@placAaAaAeA@e pour chercher des rAaAaAeA@sidences AaAaAeA louer[beauc grand que], nous a dAaAaAeA@clarAaAaAeA@ Mme Nacera Moumen, directrice d'une ag AaAaAeA Alge
The Patriots completely revamped what was an unproductive tight end group in 2009 by drafting Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez in '10 and signing veteran Alge Crumpler.
Atlanta's Alge Crumpler scores in their Week Three defeat to Carolina
82 Alge Crumpler TE 10 North Carolina FA (TEN) 2010
Defensive tackle Rod Coleman (thigh) and tight end Alge Crumpler are carrying injuries but should play.
Veteran Alge Crumpler is a fine leader and an outstanding blocker.
Shirts came in at a phenomenal 715 due to Atlanta tight end Alge Crumpler (tipped at 12-1 by RPSPORT to score first) getting a hat-trick wearing 83, and Pittsburgh's Hines Ward (86) also notching a treble.