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king of Wessex


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The ancestors he uncovered include Alfred the Great, William the Conqueror and Hugh Capet, a 10th century French king.
And it's directly thanks to Alfred the Great's England having the most developed vernacular literature in Europe.
Warwick Castle's history stretches back to 914AD when Ethelfleda, daughter of Alfred the Great, ordered the building of a "burh" or an earthen rampart to protect the small hilltop settlement of Warwick from Danish invaders.
He oversaw the project from his house, not far from where Princess Athelfleda, daughter of Alfred the Great, had her castle.
Patrick Haslam, trainer of Dan's Heir and Alfred The Great
Alfred The Great proved the class act with a stylish victory over some well-touted rivals in the Introductory Hurdle at Kelso yesterday.
Philip Robinson took the riding honours at Newcastle yesterday with a 1,637-1 treble on Cleaver, Dancing Guest and Alfred The Great.
THE most famous Wessex king was Alfred the Great, who became a household name because he burned some cakes.
PATHWORDS: William the Conqueror; Victoria; Ethelred; Canute; Alfred the Great; Anne; Edward the Confessor; Mary Tudor; William Rufus; Richard Coeur de Lion; Edgar.
I laid five horses - Royals Darling, My Immortal, Rosecliff, Ouste and Alfred The Great - and they all got beat.
AYR: 2.10 Alfred The Great, 2.40 Ever Present, 3.15 Troll, 3.45 Flight Command, 4.20 Ile Maurice, 4.50 Green Ideal.
At this bloodbath, an invasion force of Norwegian Vikings who had settled in Scotland, Wales and Ireland, and who were trying to make new conquests further south, were routed by a Saxon army under King Athelstan (Alfred the Great's son).
Founded on the banks of the River Avon in 914 AD by Ethelfeda, daughter of Alfred the Great, Warwick began as a defence against Danish invaders due to its strategic position on a hill which controlled the river valley and its crossings to London, Coventry and Stratford.
Alfred The Great is on a nice mark in the Fred Winter Handicap Hurdle.
KELSO: 1.50 Alfred The Great, 2.20 Commercial Flyer, 2.50 Industrial Star, 3.20 Rubberdubber, 3.50 Fourty Acers, 4.20 Twotiming Gent.