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Battle of Ethandun, in which a beleaguered, defeated Alfred of Wessex (later King Alfred the Great) rallies to repel Viking invaders and forge a united Britain.
Although we are accustomed to calling the whole era from the fifth century to the eleventh the 'Anglo-Saxon' period, the term Anglo-Saxon was, in its strict sense, a creation of the late-ninth-century court of Alfred of Wessex. By the mid-880s, after Alfred had secured his own kingdom with his victory at Edington and added to this the realm of the Angles of Mercia, he began to style himself not just as rex Saxonum (the usual title of the West Saxon kings), but as rex Anglo-Saxonum, the king of the Anglo-Saxons.
KING ALFRED OF WESSEX (r.871-99) is probably the best known of all Anglo-Saxon rulers, even if the first thing to come into many people's minds in connection with him is something to do with burnt confectionery.
But, after the decisive Battle of Etheldun at which King Alfred of Wessex forced the Danish invaders to accept baptism, it was to East Anglia rather than Northumbria that the great army withdrew.