Alfred Russel Wallace

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English naturalist who formulated a concept of evolution that resembled Charles Darwin's (1823-1913)


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That's Alfred Wallace (yeah, we also said 'Who?'), a Victorian naturalist who came up with the idea of evolution before even Darwin did.
(The face, it turns out, is that of Alfred Wallace, the naturalist who proposed a theory of evolution independently of Charles Darwin.) Raised up as it is on a custom-made plinth, like many of the other sculptural works here, this one makes clear that methods of display are integral to the work itself.
Bittersweet Destiny describes the heroic efforts of naturalists Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace to unlock the secrets of evolution.
There's the forthcoming documentary he's preparing about the unsung hero of evolution Alfred Wallace, the myth that Americans don't get British humour and how he never has a support act as he has too much to share with a crowd as it is.
Two men published on the subject ahead of him, and a third (Alfred Wallace) would have done so if he had not sent his manuscript to Darwin for forwarding.
She said mima's collection and its reputation had helped to persuade a private collector to give on long term loan to the gallery works by major British artists including Ben Nicholson, Winifred Nicholson, and Alfred Wallace.
Neither of these examples mentioned by Windchy is nearly as shocking or shameful as the scholarly swindle perpetrated by Darwin on the work of a third biologist, Alfred Wallace.
The selection of individuals runs the gamut from the famous, Alfred Wallace, to the obscure, Leon Croizat, and is organized roughly in chronological order.