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United States naval officer and historian (1840-1914)


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In particular, Art of War at Sea is a distant yet direct ancestor of the works of the world's best-known maritime strategist, Alfred Thayer Mahan, who 350 years later brilliantly theorized about the influence of sea power on history and its importance for the wealth and prestige of nations.
The second course of study, Strategy and War (S&W), views various periods of history, tying military theorists like Alfred Thayer Mahan and Sir Julian Corbett.
Alfred Thayer Mahan, whose landmark book The Influence of Seapower Upon History remains in demand more than a century after it was written.
Alfred Thayer Mahan, who argued that the nation that controls the seas holds the decisive factor in war.
A century ago, a renowned military and naval strategist, Alfred Thayer Mahan, said:
Geoffrey Till follows with discussion of Sir Julian Corbett, and John Hattendorf similarly with Alfred Thayer Mahan.
Cadet Stephen Dodson Ramseur shared a more serious attraction to his civilian friend David Schenck in the 1850s, and Alfred Thayer Mahan sent very demonstrative and affectionate letters to Samuel Ashe for forty years after the two met as midshipmen at the Naval Academy during the late 1850s.
In Gat's study of nineteenth-century military thought, Delbrueck is one of the major foils against whom other writers--Wilhelm Ruestow, Julian Corbett, Alfred Thayer Mahan, Ivan Bloch, Ardant du Picq and Friedrich Engels to name only a few--are compared.
The godfather of the big battle fleet idea in America was a 19th-century naval officer named Alfred Thayer Mahan, an original faculty member and the second president of the Navy's think tank, the Naval War College.
Another early member was Alfred Thayer Mahan, known to most students of military history for his strategic writing and his famous book The Influence of Sea Power upon History.
The Naval War College, in the tradition of its most famous lecturer and president Alfred Thayer Mahan, once again has demonstrated its intellectual firepower in the effort to protect and promote U.
He also provides the reader a list of names of entrepreneurial leaders (characterized by innovation, openness to opportunity, and decisiveness in uncertainty) who he believes would not survive in the current personnel system: Chester Nimitz, Alfred Thayer Mahan, Billy Mitchell, and John Boyd, to name a few.
Buoyed by the popular seapower theories of Alfred Thayer Mahan, and a new maritime strategy to exploit an expanding industrial base, the US Navy in 1898 showed itself to be a world-class force.
Earlier, Alfred Thayer Mahan offered in 1890 an historical account of sea power that still resonates among Chinese and Indian strategists.
As a companion to their first major work, Chinese Naval Strategy in the Twenty-First Century: The Turn to Mahan, their latest book validates, refines, and expands upon their survey of Chinese interpretations of American sea-power theorist, Alfred Thayer Mahan, and the authors' thesis that Chinese strategists would draw from and reshape Mahan's theories in their ascent as a 21st-century naval power.