Alfred Stieglitz

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United States photographer (1864-1946)


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Alfred Steiglitz photographed his wife, the artist Georgia O'Keeffe, frankly objectifying her body while Man Ray, with more decorum, photographed the photographer and journalist Lee Miller, whose own work is currently the subject of a major show at the V&A.
Another approach would be to take a close look at the photographs of Duchamp's originals, some made by the famed photographers Man Ray and Alfred Steiglitz.
The feature has Ben Kingsley as master photographer Alfred Steiglitz, O'Keeffe's husband, in the saga of their romance.
Yet still we see the eye of an artist, in "The Hill," for instance, a portrait of Alfred Steiglitz and his Lake George home: "I wonder what the old house felt when rooms and baths were added," Toomer writes, "when furnishings which it had never seen the like of were moved in, when the complexities of the Steiglitz family began weaving in and out of the rooms and into the simple old wood and farmer's plaster.
It provides a lively commentary on the characteristic styles, colors and subjects of each artist, school and period--from the symbolism of Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck to the stark realism of American photographer Alfred Steiglitz.
The upcoming slate includes Cheri (adapted from the novel written by Colette and starring Jessica Lang); Gein (based on the true life story of the serial killer Ed Gein); Till the End of Time (based on the love affair between Georgia O'Keefe and Alfred Steiglitz, and starring Linda Fiorentino and Ben Kingsley); Proximity (starring Rob Lowe and James Coburn); Relative Values (based on the Noel Coward play, and starring Julie Andrews, William Baldwin and Jeanne Tripplehorn); and, Greenfingers (starring Clive Owen, Helen Mirren and David Kelly).