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English naturalist who formulated a concept of evolution that resembled Charles Darwin's (1823-1913)


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In describing the nature of historical theories, the author mentions William Wallace as a collaborator with Darwin when it was actually Alfred Russell Wallace. Bruce Riedel and Lawrence Wright are mentioned in some parts of the book by their correct names and also referred to with various incorrect first names.
De Bruhl provides a lively introduction to the river's history, from the 16th-century exploration of the river by Francisco de Orellana, through the scientific expeditions of Alfred Russell Wallace and others during the 19th century, up to current efforts to conserve the Amazon basin's biodiversity.
Durante la travesia de este botanico conoceria la bonanza del caucho en la ciudad de Manaos, Brasil, y le permitiria hacer una amistad que lo acompanaria durante su vida con un cientifico que mas adelante compartiria escenario con Darwin, Alfred Russell Wallace.
Phil Gates, a biologist from Durham University, will consider how Alfred Russell Wallace, who was not as well-connected as Charles Darwin, came to the same conclusions.
Chapter 2 follows Alfred Russell Wallace through Amazonian and Malaysian jungles, his independent discovery of natural selection, his tracing of the "Wallace Line," and his founding of biogeography.
Here we have the tin box that was all that Alfred Russell Wallace managed to save from a four-year voyage when his ship, the Helen, caught fire, not to mention his reaction to catching a golden bird-wing butterfly ('I had a headache the rest of the day, so great was the excitement'); and here is the tale of 11-year-old Mary Anning, the first professional fossil hunter, who found an ichthyosaur fossil in 1811 and sold it for 23 [pounds sterling].
Darwin was almost pre-empted by Alfred Russell Wallace who quite independently also saw the origin of new species in the struggle for survival.
(19) Alfred Russel Wallace to Mary Wallace, December 25, 1855, WFC; Alfred Russel Wallace to Mary Wallace, October 6, 1858, in James Marchant, Alfred Russell Wallace: Letters and Reminiscences, vol.
The other is a description of Charles Darwin's and Alfred Russell Wallace's nearly simultaneous development of the theory of natural selection.
He tells of the Bedford Canal swindle in which Alfred Russell Wallace, co-discoverer of natural selection, defended the round earth, picking up [pounds sterling]500 prize for showing the earth's surface was spherical, but then costing him years of lost reputation and legal expenses.
He could urge Alfred Russell Wallace, his long-term counterpart, not to 'turn renegade to natural history', when faced with Wallace's proposals for the abolition of land property in 1881, yet at the same time advise William Graham not to forget the inevitability of the elimination of the 'lower' by the 'higher civilized races'.
As the Spiritualist movement gained momentum in the late 19th century, spirit photography became a hotly debated topic, attracting the attention of major intellectual figures, including psychologist William James, scientists Alfred Russell Wallace and Charles Richet, and author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the latter best known for his tales of Sherlock Holmes.
Ross Slotten's The Heretic In Darwin's Court: The Life Of Alfred Russel Wallace (0231130104, $39.50) provides a survey of the life of one Alfred Russell Wallace, who shared fame with Darwin for the independent and near-simultaneous discovery of natural selection.