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English naturalist who formulated a concept of evolution that resembled Charles Darwin's (1823-1913)


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There was Alfred Russel Wallace announcing that he believed the human brain was created by some supernatural intervention.
Darwin, after all, went around the world before the idea dawned on him, and Alfred Russel Wallace, the co-discoverer of natural selection, had spent a few years in South America and then headed for New Guinea, where the concept came to him.
We can additionally look forward to the publication, in a few years, of major studies of John Tyndall (by Bernie Lightman) and Alfred Russel Wallace (by Jim Moore).
Every year since 1984, mushers from across the UK have gathered in the forests around Aviemore for the biggest event in the British sled dog racing calendar | MONDAY JANUARY 21: Film director and restaurant critic Michael Winner died aged 77 | WEDNESDAY JANUARY 23: A series of events launched at London''s Natural History museum celebrating Alfred Russel Wallace, who co-discovered the theory of evolution.
The Evolutionist" tells the story of one of Britain's most controversial and misunderstood Victorians, a man Sir David Attenborough called "the most admirable character in the history of science" -- Alfred Russel Wallace.
Even though The Evolutionist: The Strange Tale of Alfred Russel Wallace is a historical novel, it's heavily grounded in the life story of 19th century biologist and naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace.
George's achievements were recently recognised by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) which awarded him honorary membership, a tribute also posthumously bestowed to Robbie Burns, the poet who also worked as a land surveyor, and evolutionary biologist and surveyor Alfred Russel Wallace.
The idea is not new: Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace were convinced that ocean voyages played a role in evolution.
IF you get the chance, visit the exhibition on Alfred Russel Wallace in the National Museum in Cathays Park, Cardiff.
Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) was a natural scientist and public intellectual who was well regarded in his lifetime, but whose reputation has faded over the years, despite the fact that he independently came up with the evolutionary idea of natural selection (or "struggle for existence" as he called it) at essentially the same time as Charles Darwin.
Washington, Sept 22 ( ANI ): One hundred years after the death of Sir Alfred Russel Wallace, an international team of zoologists has discovered a new genus of mammal in the Halmahera Island in Indonesia.
Indonesia now has a special place in his heart and he was fortunate enough to go back to make the BBC documentary Bill Bailey's Jungle Hero about naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace.
This documentary allows comedian Bill Bailey, left, to show his more thoughtful side, as he pursues the journeys and theories of scientist Alfred Russel Wallace - starting off in Indonesia.
Even more importantly, Bergman accuses Darwin of actually plagiarizing from Edward Blyth and Alfred Russel Wallace.
In 1858 Alfred Russel Wallace sent an essay to Charles Darwin from the Island of Ternate in the Moluccas (now Indonesia) detailing a breakthrough in his theory of evolution by natural selection.