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English naturalist who formulated a concept of evolution that resembled Charles Darwin's (1823-1913)


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NID Charles Darwin ond Cymro ifanc o Frynbuga, Sir Fynwy, Alfred Russel Wallace, fu'n gyfrifol am y ddamcaniaeth ar Esblygiad (the Theory of Evolution) yn ol y rhaglen ddadleuol Darwin, y Cymro a'r Cynllwyn ar S4C nos Sul.
Among the other contributors on the programme are Professor Deri Tomos of Bangor University, Dr Elwyn Hughes, author of a book on Alfred Russel Wallace, Y Gwyddonydd Anwyddonol (The Unscientific Scientist) and the scientist Dr Catrin Williams.
Take this weekend, for example; as he launches his massive UK tour, which pretty much takes him up to the end of the year, he will also be seen presenting the second part of his TV documentary about the Welsh Victorian explorer Alfred Russel Wallace.
Reluctance to publish arose partly from Darwin's belief that "it is like confessing a murder: and in the end, it was only fear of being trumped by Alfred Russel Wallace that forced his hand.
Artistic director Geinor Styles and her team are planning a new musical about the early years of Tom Jones and later this year they will make their Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut with a family show about the Welsh explorer Alfred Russel Wallace.
Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace first communicated their views on the origin of species at a meeting of the Linnean Society, and the group's publications have contributed enormously to our understanding of biology.
Explorer, town surveyor and biology expert Alfred Russel Wallace was born in the village of Llanbadoc, near Usk, Monmouthshire in 1823, the seventh of nine children.
We were disappointed, because this was where, in 1855, the young British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace made one of the most important intellectual breakthroughs in the history of science--the formulation of the theory of evolution by natural selection.
ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE | Born in Monmouthshire in 1823 | While the theory of evolution is most closely associated with Charles Darwin, some believe Alfred Russel Wallace's role in developing that theory has been unfairly overlooked.
This was a golden era of science, when legendary botanical explorers such as Richard Spruce, Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Darwin combed the jungles for ever more unusual specimens.
A: Working on the one-man presentation of the life of Welsh 19th century scientist, Alfred Russel Wallace with Theatr Na n'Og has been one of the highlights of my career as an actor.
A friend of Bates, a curator at the British Museum, advised him and his friend Alfred Russel Wallace, that to gain a reputation in zoology they should build an exhaustive collection of insects from a region not yet represented in the Museum's collections.
The likes of 16thcentury mathematician Robert Recorde, naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace and dotcom maestro Michael Moritz may not be household names but they have shaped the modern mind; David Lloyd George and Aneurin Bevan demonstrated how a democracy can care for all citizens, and our galaxy of songwriters and film stars and sporting legends bring joy to millions.
Alfred Russel Wallace is not neglected by either of our debaters.