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English poet (1880-1958)


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One of the joys of the book is an account of an acerbic 1923 public debate between Sitwell, representing the fashionable newer poets, and Alfred Noyes, a champion of traditional poetry and himself a convert.
The major minor songbirds to be heard piping in the Edwardian glades were William Watson, upholder of the Wordsworthian tradition, Robert Bridges, Henry Newbolt, Alice Meynell, Owen Seaman, Laurence Binyon and his cousin Stephen Phillips, and Alfred Noyes, these latter twain providing evidence of Tennyson's ongoing impress.
The ballad named the two men Yeats held responsible for spreading the calumny against Casement in America-Sir Cecil Arthur Spring-Rice, the British ambassador to the United States at the time, and the English poet Alfred Noyes, who in 1916 had been teaching at Princeton University.
The Highwayman'' (1951), Henry Blankfort, Jack DeWitt, Renault Duncan and Alfred Noyes.
The poet, Alfred Noyes, was so inspired by the experience that he later wrote his epic poem, Watchers of the Sky.
Unlike its competitors, Blackwood's published short fiction and serialized novels; Thomas De Quincey, George Eliot, Joseph Conrad, and Alfred Noyes were among its contributors.
THE LIFE OF THOMAS HARDY includes a letter written 'about December 1920' by Thomas Hardy to an unidentified person, concerning Hardy's correspondence with Alfred Noyes and Noyes's claim that Hardy held a philosophic stance.
WHERE TO SEE THEM BLOOM AS the English poet Alfred Noyes urged: "Come down to Kew in lilac-time, in lilac-time, in lilac-time".
A fabulous, rollicking rhyme in the style of the famous Alfred Noyes poem The Highwayman from the authors of The Gruffalo and Zog.
At which time of year did the poet Alfred Noyes suggest that people go down to Kew Gardens?
Oddly enough, the poet Alfred Noyes had also published in 1910 a book of poems he called The Loom of Years.
In primary schools, the most commonly taught poems included Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky, Spike Milligan's On the Ning, Nang, Nong, and The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes.
Wolverhampton has nurtured a few famous individuals across the years, poets like Alfred Noyes and Henry Newbolt, sportsmen like Billy Wright, musicians like .
Anniversaries: 1769: The Morning Chronicle newspaper was first issued; 1778: The British were defeated by Washington's army at the Battle of Monmouth, New Jersey; 1838; Queen Victoria crowned at the age of 19; 1910: Westminster Cathedral consecrated; 1914: The Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria and his wife were shot in Sarajevo starting World War 1; 1919: The Treaty of Versailles was signed; 1950: England lost 0-1 to America in the first round of the World Cup Finals in Brazil; 1958: Death of poet Alfred Noyes.