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English philosopher and mathematician who collaborated with Bertrand Russell (1861-1947)


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(8) Alfred North Whitehead, Process and Reality: An Essay in Cosmology, Corrected Edition, ed.
Considering the Alfred North Whitehead view of "potentialities for future experiences," Stapp suggests we leave the future open to be influenced by free will, explaining that quantum potentialities are thus, "images of what the future perceptions might be," with the state that carries them as being, "more like 'an idea' about something, which rapidly changes like an idea does, when new information becomes available, than like a material substance of classical mechanics that tends to endure." [Stapp 2017]
As Alfred North Whitehead noted in the 1950s, almost everything we worry about in the present also obsessed Plato over two millennia ago.
Editors Gaskill and Nocek present students, academics, and general-interest readers with a collection of academic articles and essays that together provide a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, arguing that his work as a philosopher has advanced the collective understanding of live in the posthuman era.
Alfred North Whitehead a century ago encouraged the use of "technological aids" (p.
The remainder of the list included Principia Mathematica by Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Qu'ran, The Wealth of Nations and The Double Helix.
If our time- and effort-saving automated tools are, to paraphrase philosopher Alfred North Whitehead, best used to put our mental power to higher-level reasoning, analysis and contemplation, how do we harness such tools in a way that will reinforce foundational knowledge, rather than supplant it?
Of course, it has been the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead rather than the ancient Buddhist texts that have directly influenced me, but the kinship is clear.
The philosopher Alfred North Whitehead said, "The only simplicity to be trusted is the simplicity to be found on the far side of complexity" My brother would have it that Wisdom and innocence, Joseph Pearce's book on Chesterton, would have been better titled Knowledge Serving innocence, this title being a phrase used in Chesterton's commentary on the The Pickwick Papers--Sam and Pickwick being a prototypical Jeeves and Bertie is another of my brother's estimations.
Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947), English mathematician and philosopher
Are you suggesting a form of evolutionary/process theology as per Alfred North Whitehead? I have read Philippians 2:6-11 several times in several translations I cannot see where it in any way infers that Jesus was a "partner" with God.
Among the authors of its articles have been Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Carl Sagan, Sigmund Freud, Alfred North Whitehead, Henry Ford, Milton Friedman, Bill Clinton and Desmond Tutu.
Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947) was the most sociological of philosophers, proclaims Halewood (social theory, U.
Alfred North Whitehead, The Aims of Education and other essays.