Alfred Thayer Mahan

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United States naval officer and historian (1840-1914)


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Alfred Mahon was the man behind the projector in the cinema on board the Mauretania in the early 1950s.
SHIP FUN AHOY: These three photographs, taken aboard the RMS Mauretania, were sent in by Alfred Mahon, who says: "The year is 1954 and I was the ship's motion picture projectionist.
The picture was sent in by Alfred Mahon, who lives in Wallasey.
I have no idea who the people on the picture are, but perhaps someone will recognise themselves?' CROSSING THE YEARS: This photograph was sent in by Alfred Mahon, from Wallasey, of his wife of five months at the time, Jean Mahon, 21, crossing the Mersey on the old Runcorn-Widnes Transporter Bridge - Good Friday, April 8, 1955.