Alfred Thayer Mahan

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United States naval officer and historian (1840-1914)


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Alfred Mahon on the Mauretania in 1952; and, | | inset, one of the ship's cinemas
SHIP FUN AHOY: These three photographs, taken aboard the RMS Mauretania, were sent in by Alfred Mahon, who says: "The year is 1954 and I was the ship's motion picture projectionist.
Alfred says: "My father, Alfred Mahon Snr, is second from the right on the front row.
CROSSING THE YEARS: This photograph was sent in by Alfred Mahon, from Wallasey, of his wife of five months at the time, Jean Mahon, 21, crossing the Mersey on the old Runcorn-Widnes Transporter Bridge - Good Friday, April 8, 1955.
ALFRED Mahon never expected ever to see again the lonely young boy whom he befriended to help him run the cinema onboard the liner Mauretania in 1953.