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United States actor who performed with his wife Lynn Fontanne in many stage productions (1893-1977)


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"But if I say Alfred Lunt slept with Uta Hagen, then I think I'm really lying, because there's absolutely no evidence for that at all.
Valentina: "Well, once I designed an eyelash that Alfred Lunt needed for one of his roles.
Marco Millions by Eugene O'Neill, starring Alfred Lunt as an acquisitive Marco Polo unaware of the beauty or culture of the lands he journeyed through, opened at the Guild Theatre in New York City.
As Schill, Harris Yulin gives a very quiet reading of a role in which Alfred Lunt famously flailed about.
The play was performed in New York as The Visit, with Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt in the main roles.
In the 1924 film, for instance, none other than Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne played these roles.
As the program looks ahead to its second year it's clear the fellowship has meshed confidently with the spirit of its namesakes Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne the pioneering creators of the lavishly designed and meticulously restored Ten Chimneys Estate in Genesee Depot Wise.
With a cast of first-magnitude stars from both sides of the footlights, this delightful tome, encompassing the history of both photography and Broadway, illuminates a particularly meaningful period of the theater, featuring Tallulah Bankhead, Gertrude Lawrence, Katharine Cornell, Helen Hayes, Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt, among others.
Marin Mazzie steps into the pantheon of Broadway leading ladies as Lilli Vanessi, temperamental diva and ex-wife of actor-manager Frederic Graham (roles based on Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne).
His looks gained him small parts, Sunny acted as chaperone, and it was largely British actors like Alfred Lunt and his wife Lynn Fontanne who taught the budding thespian the classical arts of declaiming Shakespeare and speaking Ibsen.
Tony Awards for outstanding contributions to the theater during the 1954-1955 season were presented for the following: play, The Desperate Hours; musical, The Pajama Game; dramatic actor, Alfred Lunt for Quadrille; dramatic actress, Nancy Kelly for The Bad Seed.
The Ten Chimneys Foundation, which maintains the estate of celebrated acting couple Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt, has chosen 11 established actors from around the country as its first Lunt Fontanne fellows.
She was cast in the role of the ingenue in "There Shall Be No Night" with Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne.
24, at 83; Lynn Fontanne, who with her late husband Alfred Lunt starred in numerous Broadway plays, July 30, at 95; Ira Gershwin, celebrated lyricist, Aug.