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Englishman and Victorian poet (1809-1892)

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And in 1889 some of the most distinguished artistic figures of the day, including Robert Browning, Bram Stoker, Alfred Lord Tennyson, and William Morris, sponsored Skipsey to be custodian of Shakespeare's House, in Stratford - upon - Avon.
Alfred Lord Tennyson and Samuel Johnson can argue it out.
The battle was immortalised by Alfred Lord Tennyson's famous poem which describes how the fearless riders charged into "the jaws of death".
ANSWERS: 1 Zimbabwe; 2 They were both government ministers; 3 The Catherine wheel; 4 Annie Get Your Gun; 5 Jezebel; 6 Ordinary People; 7 London and Bristol; 8 Alfred Lord Tennyson; 9 Tottenham Hotspur; 10 Hear'Say.
A few are: William Gladstone, Florence Nightingale, General Gordon, Lord Roberts, Alfred Lord Tennyson and Dr Livingstone."
How very different from the home life of Alfred Lord Tennyson.
Romantic poet Alfred Lord Tennyson was born nearby, but kept very quiet about his Skeggy roots.
A Alfred Lord Tennyson B Percy Bysshe Shelley C Ted Hughes D John Milton 5.
I borrowed from the famous "Charge of the Light Brigade" by Alfred Lord Tennyson.
It amused me to reflect that here we were in the 21st century and still beholden to imperialist propaganda from Victorian times that made us poor colonials believe that Tennyson sorry, one should say Alfred Lord Tennyson in a voice full of reverence was a great poet.
The anti-war mass is based on the Catholic mass, but also incorporates elements of the Islamic call to prayer, the Bible psalms and words from the poetry of Rudyard Kipling and Alfred Lord Tennyson.
ALFRED LORD TENNYSON became Poet Laureate and held the post for 42 years.
"Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all," wrote British poet Alfred Lord Tennyson. Patricio Navia, writing for Buenos Aires Herald, applies that sentiment to Brexit: "The only thing worse than risking the possibility that a member chooses to leave a regional integration initiative with more successes than failures, is that there is no such union," he writes.
As the British poet Alfred Lord Tennyson put it, 'Tis better to have loved and lost/Than never to have loved at all.
Over the past few weeks I have quoted Alfred Lord Tennyson and things like this and that hasn't particularly worked.